I am not trend driven at all. Well, I probably was when I was young, but certainly not now. I wear what I like and what I think suits me. Obviously, I get some help from the stylist daughter. Or rather she critiques and says yea or nay. Sometimes she says maybe.

I love to have a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe. I prefer high-waisted as opposed to mid-rise, because they cover the thickening waist and not-as-flat-as-it-was tummy. I also like my denims to have a little give in them, in other words, elastane. It means they fit better, as well as being more comfortable. The pair in these photos ticks all the boxes. High-waisted and 1% elastane. But they are more trend driven than I usually go for.

I wanted something a little more suitable for summer, so instead of my usual dark wash denim (more flattering), I went for a lighter blue, but they are also frayed and flare out just below the calves. It is called a ‘kick-flare’ seemingly. What do you think?

I have styled them three different ways and would love to know your thoughts.

My first look has a holiday boho vibe with the black loose top, suitable as a cover-up over a swimsuit or bikini as you head from beach to local bar for a drink. I chose to put Clarks wedge sandals from last year with it and give me some much-needed height. And what do you think of the wonderful hat? This one is sturdy and flattering as well as giving protection from the rays. I just love the roomy bag, which is large enough to hold all you could possibly need for a day on the beach. The hat, bag and top are from Pia Rossini www.piarossini.com who specialise in top-quality, sophisticated, but affordable accessories.   Their site is well worth a visit.

The next look would take you walking or shopping. Yes, these jeans are comfortable enough to go walking. And I am talking miles here not a kilometre or two.  Here I have paired the jeans with a new pair of  runners from Lifestyle and a cream top from Zara in one photo and a navy cold-shoulder top in the other. I prefer the navy.

Finally, how to take the jeans from day to evening. I added some height with my oh so comfy heels from Clarks, a top from Zara (old) and a kimono from H&M (last year).  Some multi-stringed beads completed the look.

Oh, the jeans are Pieszak, a Danish label, which prides itself ‘with balancing comfort and fit with sophistication and sassy chic’ and I bought them in one of my favourite shops, Paula’s in Malahide. If you can’t get to Paula’s have a look at their website here www.pieszak.eu If you don’t fancy the trendy, frayed look they have plenty of other styles. Have a look. But remember we all need a few pairs of good jeans in our wardrobe.