“Let it rain”

What is the one item of clothing every self-respecting Irish man and woman must and should have in their wardrobe? You can’t possibly guess? Why it’s a raincoat, of course, and this raincoat must be

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Flutter those lashes!

  Finding a good mascara is a bit like searching for The Holy Grail. It can be a problem at any age, but it becomes even more difficult as we get older. Why? It’s one

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A real eye-opener

I hated wearing glasses when I was a young one, because I believed in the old adage that 'men don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses'. Well, glasses were pretty horrendous back in the

Goodbye to bad hair days

It’s not called our crowning glory for nothing! No matter what I am wearing, no matter how well I look otherwise, if my hair is not right I might as well stay at home. I

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Green with Envy!

While I was a boarder at secondary school, we had a ghost called The Green Lady who supposedly haunted the chapel. I remember as a gullible third year (yes, fourteen year-olds were innocent then) being

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Lip smackingly good lipstick!

My late mother-in-law would not come downstairs without first applying her lipstick. She always said she did not feel dressed without it. I am far lazier, but I see the difference that the right shade

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Cupping… no longer a mystery

Maybe you have noticed the circular bruises on the backs of some of the athletes at the Olympics and wondered what they were. Well, wonder no longer, because I know. It is the only thing

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Anti-Ageing Tips

Here I am at five o clock in the morning writing my next post. Usually I sleep well and long. In fact most nights I get eight or nine hours sleep. Maybe it was the

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Putting my best FOOT forward

Those of you who are regular readers know that my feet are not my best asset and shoe shopping can be a nightmare. I squeezed my not so dainty feet into shoes that were too

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Yes we can wear stripes!

  I have a penchant for stripes; maybe I was a zebra in a different life. I particularly like dresses with stripes and am not averse to wearing them horizontally either. The dress below is

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Ageless Beauty…Make-Up class

I am the first to admit that I am not good with make-up. Usually it takes me three or four minutes to slap on a bit of foundation, eye-liner, and lipstick. Obviously, I spend more

St Petersburg – a city steeped in history and culture – you won’t be disappointed.

St Petersburg – focal point of our Baltic Cruise Prompted by customer feedback, Celebrity Cruises decided to have a three-day stop-over for the first time in the incredible city of St Petersburg – the initiative

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Amsterdam….top five things to do!

We spent two and a half days in Amsterdam before our recent Baltic Cruise began. With warm and sunny weather, we saw the city at its very best. Trailfinders (trailfinders.ie) had organised the Hotel Mercure

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Cruising….the secrets!

To cruise or not to cruise….that is the question! And it is one I will try to answer. Read on. We have just returned from a cruise of the Baltic and boy did we have

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Milk Thistle….when your liver needs a little help!

I am a bit of a health nut! Notice I wrote ‘bit’, not whole or complete. I try to have balance in my life, so yes I like a drink or two or three, I

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Foot in Mouth?

It is just as well that GG (aka Gorgeous Graham) doesn’t have a foot fetish, because my feet are sadly lacking in the beauty stakes. Do any of you remember the photos published in papers

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