Hat Atttack 5-Over-50 Style Challenge

It is the first Monday of the month and I am back with my 5-over-50 blogger friends for our latest challenge ‘Hat Attack’.  I returned to Anthony Peto, Dublin, for my hat. You may remember

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Today’s Mum-Happier than Yesterday’s Mum?

I could not believe my ears. Nothing had changed in the 33 years since I had my firstborn. In a survey entitled 'Today's Mum', sponsored by iconic Irish brand Sudocrem (who have just launched a

Kimono trend is here to stay

A kimono can transform an ordinary pair of jeans and a top into something extraordinary. It can add a certain allure to a dress and I have seen it raise a pair of shorts and

Mount Wolseley mid-week break was amazing value

If you are planning a hotel break and do not wish to break the bank then perhaps Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf Resort is the place to go. GG and I enjoyed a ‘Golden

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5-over-50 challenge ‘Amazing Lace’

I am going to confuse you all by posting on a Monday, but I am delighted to have been asked to join a collective of  ‘over 50 UK bloggers’ for a 5-over-50 style challenge and

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How to stay healthy…drink Gin!

Gin has had very bad press for years because it was considered to be a drink that made you sad or depressed, or maudlin. Now there’s a word that has gone out of use! I

Wedded Bliss – a male perspective

Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog post with some hints for a happy marriage. Now, in his second ‘Beside the Hilda’ contribution to overthehilda, GG has offered to put a male slant on the married

Ladies’ Day at the RDS Horse Show – a memorable experience!

It is not often I get a chance to wear a hat, so when I was invited toDundrum Town Centre Ladies’ Day at the RDS Dublin Horse Show last week by Qatar Airways (the main

Jewellery fit for a Queen

Not many people know this but the Queen of England, the 24th President of America and I have something in common - we each have gifts of custom-made jewellery crafted by Irish goldsmith and jewellery

Stripes…the love affair continues.

Last summer, I wrote a blog post about my obsession with stripes - you can read the post here. The love affair with stripes has continued this year! What is it about me that when I

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Marriage is not for the faint-hearted

Disclosure! I have not kept all my marriage vows. Those who know me well will not be surprised and probably know which one I have broken already. In my defence, I tried my best to

New Affordable Skin Products You Will Want to Buy

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Taking Risks with an Asymmetrical, Deconstructed Cold Shoulder!

I have been a fan of the cold shoulder for 18 months, ever since I bought a lovely grey sweater which I have worn almost to death. I fancied myself as quite daring; I certainly

Cancer survivor donates book proceeds to Irish Cancer Society

I would probably have urged you to buy Des Allen’s book ‘Wanderings & Ponderings’ because the proceeds are going to benefit the Irish Cancer Society. Having read the contents, I can also recommend that you

4 Rules to Break after 50

This week, I am delighted to introduce you to my friend, the beautiful and fashionable Nina Bandoni from Florida. Nina and I were both part of the Fierce 50 Revolution launch way back in February

Chez Sara – charming wine bar in the heart of Malahide

GG and I are regulars at the quaint little restaurant and wine bar Chez Sara on Old Street in Malahide. It is important to book, particularly at the weekends, but sometimes we pop in around

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