Review of ‘Eyes to Mesmerise’ by Charlotte Tilbury

I am a fan of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products: for example, her Wonderglow and her Light Wonder. In fact, I wrote a review of both of them here.  And I think they are reasonably

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Hat Atttack 5-Over-50 Style Challenge

It is the first Monday of the month and I am back with my 5-over-50 blogger friends for our latest challenge ‘Hat Attack’.  I returned to Anthony Peto, Dublin, for my hat. You may remember

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Today’s Mum-Happier than Yesterday’s Mum?

I could not believe my ears. Nothing had changed in the 33 years since I had my firstborn. In a survey entitled 'Today's Mum', sponsored by iconic Irish brand Sudocrem (who have just launched a

Kimono trend is here to stay

A kimono can transform an ordinary pair of jeans and a top into something extraordinary. It can add a certain allure to a dress and I have seen it raise a pair of shorts and

Mount Wolseley mid-week break was amazing value

If you are planning a hotel break and do not wish to break the bank then perhaps Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf Resort is the place to go. GG and I enjoyed a ‘Golden

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5-over-50 challenge ‘Amazing Lace’

I am going to confuse you all by posting on a Monday, but I am delighted to have been asked to join a collective of  ‘over 50 UK bloggers’ for a 5-over-50 style challenge and

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How to stay healthy…drink Gin!

Gin has had very bad press for years because it was considered to be a drink that made you sad or depressed, or maudlin. Now there’s a word that has gone out of use! I

Wedded Bliss – a male perspective

Some weeks ago, I wrote a blog post with some hints for a happy marriage. Now, in his second ‘Beside the Hilda’ contribution to overthehilda, GG has offered to put a male slant on the married

Ladies’ Day at the RDS Horse Show – a memorable experience!

It is not often I get a chance to wear a hat, so when I was invited toDundrum Town Centre Ladies’ Day at the RDS Dublin Horse Show last week by Qatar Airways (the main

Jewellery fit for a Queen

Not many people know this but the Queen of England, the 24th President of America and I have something in common - we each have gifts of custom-made jewellery crafted by Irish goldsmith and jewellery

Stripes…the love affair continues.

Last summer, I wrote a blog post about my obsession with stripes - you can read the post here. The love affair with stripes has continued this year! What is it about me that when I

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Marriage is not for the faint-hearted- How to Stay Married for 35 Years and Not Kill your Husband

Disclosure! I have not kept all my marriage vows. Those who know me well will not be surprised and probably know which one I have broken already. In my defence, I tried my best to

New Affordable Skin Products You Will Want to Buy

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Taking Risks with an Asymmetrical, Deconstructed Cold Shoulder!

I have been a fan of the cold shoulder for 18 months, ever since I bought a lovely grey sweater which I have worn almost to death. I fancied myself as quite daring; I certainly

Cancer survivor donates book proceeds to Irish Cancer Society

I would probably have urged you to buy Des Allen’s book ‘Wanderings & Ponderings’ because the proceeds are going to benefit the Irish Cancer Society. Having read the contents, I can also recommend that you

4 Rules to Break after 50

This week, I am delighted to introduce you to my friend, the beautiful and fashionable Nina Bandoni from Florida. Nina and I were both part of the Fierce 50 Revolution launch way back in February