GG has been given a make-over by the stylist daughter. She went through his wardrobe like a dervish and threw out (the local charity shop benefited) anything she thought was old, old-fashioned, dated, or a crime against fashion. Gone are the old man sweaters (her words!) and tailored slacks. Several shirts also hit the floor and even some of his favourite shoes did not escape the cull.

I would have always considered him a pretty natty dresser ‘back in the day’, as the daughters would say. Graham was a suit man and, to be fair, had several lovely suits and dressy shirts and he looked very dapper and handsome in them.  And I do like a man in a suit. Even when he started working for himself thirty years ago from an office in the back garden, he always dressed as if he was heading into town in his suit, or jacket and trousers and, of course, a tie.

Elegant V-necked jumpers over shirts were paired with creased trousers for casual dressing (he even has a trouser press) and he did don jeans and chunky jumpers on rare occasions. The jeans that got the bullet were so wide that they were practically bell-bottomed and have, in fact, found a place in the family ‘dress-up box’!

So when the wardrobe was looking particularly bare, she took him shopping for a day and told him that he had to try on everything she gave him.  I have been trying for years to get him to update his casual collection to no avail, so I waited in anticipation to see if she would have more success.

They were gone an entire day; I was not allowed to accompany them. And they came back laden down with bags and an entire new wardrobe. GG has spent very little over the years on clothes, but he made up for it on that day. I am not lying when I say that I have a new man!

When we were taking Logan for a walk earlier this week, he cut a fine figure in his black jeans (no longer wide), black polo, brown suede jacket (Mango) and suede boots. No stranger to pushing a baby in a buggy, he was one of the few fathers who was happy to take our daughters out for walks in their prams years ago, and he has taken to his role as grandfather with gusto!

Suede jacket & pram

It was far more difficult to get him to pose for a photo on his own last weekend when we were out. He couldn’t understand why I wanted so many (now he knows). His green Reiss sweater looks great with his new  ‘Nudie’ denim jeans. Yes it is a brand name, so nor rude jokes please!

Green Jumper 2

But the ‘piece de resistance’ is the gorgeous coat from Belstaff, a rather extravagant purchase but he’s worth it! It was purchased in Brown Thomas, but there is also a shop in Kildare Village which is well worth a visit.

Belstaff 1

The stylist daughter also managed to persuade him into collarless t-shirts, another first and again has brought his wardrobe right up-to date. Below he is decked out in another Reiss sweater with his dark-wash denims. He refuses to pose for any more photos, so that is all I have to share for now. Blue jumper 2

In his post-work life, he now has a new stylish casual wardrobe and I have an almost new husband!