Regular readers know that I cannot resist a good bargain and so when I found a Halston Heritage Shirt Dress on the discount rail at Arnotts in Dublin a few weeks ago, I promptly snapped it up. I always loved the American label, but could never afford it back in the ’70s so this called out to me. I love the relaxed loose fit of this silk viscose mix, the dipped back and the ties on the sleeves.  Oh and the pockets. They are so ‘handy’ when you don’t know what to do with your hands. Well, I simply could not leave it behind. It was reduced by a whopping 70% which made it about €70. What’s not to love?  I actually found the exact one online, if you want to have a look here.

“Look how much money I have saved!” I gloated to GG. I can wear it with jeans and with my faux leather leggings and so much more. The latest trend of wearing dresses with trousers appeals hugely to me because I like covering my behind. While I can get away with flaunting the bottom in certain jeans and trousers, when I wear slim-fit jeans and jeggings or leggings or whatever, the derriere must be hidden.

Let me say that unless you have worked very diligently on squeezing and working out those buttocks over the years, when you come to a certain age everything heads south. I have a number of friends who have incredible figures and who do not have to worry about such matters, but I do.

So my fail-safe, go-to outfit is my slim-fit jeans and a shirt that dips at the back and knee-high or ankle boots. You can see it worn below casually with jeans and rose-gold boots designed by my daughter in collaboration with ShoeLab. The photo was taken on Mother’s Day with my two darling girls.


Hilda & Girls 2

But if I want to make it more evening-appropriate, I swop my jeans for faux-leather slim trousers and add a pair of heels and voila!

The sandals below are from the Clarks’ collection and very comfortable for high heels. A mix of taupe uppers and gold heels, with a neat ankle strap, I bought them in Clarks in Liffey Valley Shopping Centre because I prefer to road-test first, but you can purchase them online also.


As you can imagine, the shirt-dress is a very versatile item. If you dare, it can be worn on its own sans trousers (yes, as a dress) but even if I had beautiful tanned legs, I would avoid it. However, I know plenty of girlfriends who could rock it.

There are plenty of items in the shops at the moment that fulfil this criteria. I found some in Mango and & Other Stories. So if you fancy a versatile shirt-dress to wear casually or for an evening out, look no further! I have done the work for you.

You’re welcome!