Winter is the perfect time of year for a little getaway. With the cold season well and truly settling in, all the Christmas festivities and the abundance of decorations to admire and all that food to enjoy, it’s always a busy and exciting time of year.

In this winter travel guide, you’ll discover some of the best places to visit during the season for a weekend (or a week) of ultimate relaxation and cosiness.

It has been kindly prepared by Becca Brown, a UK-based interpreter, translator and writer, embracing the digital nomad life and taking on the world. You can read more of her work at RoughDraft, and find here on Twitter here

The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are a collection of beatific towns in England that are absolutely perfect for visiting in the winter months.

Gather your cosiest knitwear and head out for a lovely countryside walk in the snow. You’ll stumble across some truly stunning scenery, and it’s the ideal place to capture wintry pictures if you are so inclined.

Stop off at a quintessentially English pub on your way home for a hearty meal to warm up before heading back to your hotel or apartment and indulging in a hot chocolate and some festive TV.

There are many adorable little towns to choose from when visiting the Cotswolds and it can be hard to narrow it down to just one, so why not village-hop while on your winter break, so you can experience much more!

Don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs for the people back at home at one of the many little gift shops dotted around.


Munich is a remarkably cold place during the winter months, with temperatures often dropping below -1°C.

However, the lack of warmth shouldn’t deter you from jetting off for a break in Munich in the winter. The city during the colder months is still an eclectic hub, full of bustling tourists enjoying the Christmas markets and indulging in a glass (or two) of mulled wine.

Munich is considered to be one of the best cities to visit in winter with its streets lined with an abundance of fairy lights, the beautiful cathedrals and churches all offering moving services, not to mention the many Christmas markets to enjoy.

One of the most popular Christmas markets in Munich is home to a 100-ft Christmas tree, as well as ample stalls selling everything from gingerbread to festive gifts to mulled wine!


While Lapland may be perceived as a place that’s synonymous with family vacations, it’s actually a wonderful place to visit at any age.

Here you’ll be able to visit Santa’s home and meet and greet his reindeer, tuck into an ample supply of mince pies and hot chocolates as well as enjoy long walks in the picturesque scenery.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you may want to take part in some beginner skiing lessons! Alternatively, you can enjoy a warming hot beverage in one of the lodges in Lapland as you watch the mesmerising snow fall, creating a magical winter wonderland.

Not only that, but you may also get the chance to see the Northern Lights which is one of the most magical experiences to enjoy on a winter break.


Known as one of the chocolate capitals of Belgium, Bruges is a wonderful place to visit during the winter. It’s home to some of the most incredible markets and food stalls, which make for the perfect day-out excursion while on a winter break.

Here you can enjoy horse-drawn carriage rides through the town and along the canals, all the while tucking into some decadent truffles, caramels and chocolates.

Bruges also knows how to host a good Christmas market, and at many of them you can pick up excellent gifts for people back at home, or even have a twirl on one of the ice rinks located throughout the city!


Prague is one of the most beautiful places to enjoy a visit to during Christmas and wintertime. The City of a Thousand Spires is home to some of the most stunning pieces of architecture which are likely to be smattered with snow, depending on exactly when you visit.

While in Prague, you’ll get to indulge in some of the finest Czech dishes including barbecued pork, muffins, as well as plenty of chocolate and festive drinks.

Prague’s architecture is absolutely remarkable and makes for an idyllic backdrop during the winter months. Make sure to pay a visit to Old Town as well as to the castle which resides proudly on top of a hill, offering beautiful views of the town below.


Travelling in winter can be quite a struggle if you’re not sure of the best places to visit. Hopefully this winter travel guide has given you some insight into the best places to visit for a winter break.

Whether you opt for a day in Lapland with Santa, or a weekend break enjoying the Christmas markets in Munich or Bruges, you’re sure to have a truly wonderful time.