I was not even sure if it came under Health and Wellbeing, when I wrote about my love affair with gin. The title ‘How to stay Healthy, drink Gin’ confused a few people and I am sure many thought it was fake news but I did a lot of research which suggested that there were many benefits to making gin your drink of choice. We have so many wonderful new brands to try that I am working my way through them, in moderation, of course. So I suggest you read all about it HERE and jump on the gin-wagon too.

I refuse to believe a recent report which suggests that gin drinkers are anti-social psychopaths (as are those of us who like strong coffee and dark chocolate too). But if you want to read this article, you can check it out HERE

The Importance of Vitamin D was a more serious topic that resonated with readers. In fact, since writing it, there has been a lot more in the general media about how we Irish, in particular, are deficient.  Anyway, you can read all about why it is essential HERE.

My most popular beauty post was my review of By Terry Light Expert Click Brush HERE followed closely by Charlotte Tilbury’s Eyes to Mesmerise HERE. I will buy both of these products again. I am still on the search for a really good mascara and that will be my mission for this year.

As always I am searching for ways to keep my skin hydrated and less wrinkly and while not looking to turn back time (impossible unless you go down a surgery route), I will be sharing the good and the bad.

My next post will be fashion-related, so I hope you drop by.