Can we talk about BRAS?  I remember the excitement of getting my first; I was the last in my year, as I was what was termed ‘a late developer’ in the boob arena. The mortification. How I longed to dance around in my underwear like the other girls. (I was in a boarding school, so I am talking about the dorms).

My mother was having none of it;  she was not buying me a bra until I needed it.  But as luck would have it, a parcel of second-hand clothes came from some cousins in America with, guess what, some ‘brassieres’  My First Playtex Bra.

My classmates were amazed at my sudden growth spurt over the holidays, as I returned to school with some iconic Playtex ‘cross your heart’ bras, stuffed with toilet paper, I guess. Yes, there was not much to ‘lift and separate’. Have a look at the advertising pictures below…they are exactly the same as my first bras.

Are any of you old enough to remember that campaign?

My Bra Journey

Like most women, I have an array of bras of various sizes, different brands and an assortment of styles in my lingerie drawer. I have had a love affair with lingerie since that longed-for first brassiere, but have found it increasingly difficult in recent years to find ones that are comfortable and give me the cover in the boob area that I require now. And yes, I still want the romantic and sensual sets, but they must be still practical and wearable.


I have everything from 34 C to 36 DD in that drawer which made me question sizing. Is there a universal system? Yes there is, but all the manufacturers use different models, so it makes sense that there will be variations. But that is exactly why you should have the help of an expert fitter, who knows the idiosyncracies of each brand.

Playtex Flower Elegance

Below you can see a beautiful young model wearing the set and below that you can see me idly sitting in the garden, displaying my bra, as you do.

A visit to Shaws Department Store in Drogheda for a bra fitting for a (gifted) Playtex Flower Elegance set was enlightening. I had selected the style online from their website, but because I was unsure as to my exact size decided I would go for a fitting.

Some Pointers for Buying Bras:

1. Go to a store with expert fitters.

2. You will need different bras for different occasions and outfits.

3. It is possible to be different sizes depending on the brand.

4.  You must be comfortable; make sure the bra fits you properly and that there are no gapes or bulges.

5. The straps should not dig into you or leave any marks.

6. The band should fit snugly into the nearest hook. As the bra loses elasticity it can be moved to the next set of hooks.

To say I am delighted with my Playtex lingerie set is an understatement.

Playtex Flower Elegance

1. This  full-cup bra enhances the bosom, there is no gaping at the side and it offers support through the underwiring and reasonably wide straps.

2. It is comfortable  to wear; the lace is soft and not in the least bit itchy or scratchy.

3. It is attractive in style, with a small satiny bow on the bridge between the cups.

4. The matching knickers are equally comfortable. Often, when I like a bra, I find the knickers too skimpy, but not so with Elegance.

Did I mention that the price is mid-range; this bra retails at €38. I  will be returning to Playtex because of the quality and elegance of the product and staying for the comfort.

Cross my Heart!