This post – confessions of an Instagram Husband – first appeared two years ago and I thought it time to give it a second airing. I asked Graham if he had any changes to make to the original. You can read his answer at the end of this post.


My husband Graham (a.k.a. GG) gives his take on living with a blogger.

There was a time when dinner out with my beloved was a quiet, romantic outing over a pleasant meal, when clothes’ purchases were simply to be reviewed and approved (or not) and holidays abroad were just that, trips to foreign places to be enjoyed for their scenic beauty or cultural enlightenment.

But not any more! Well, not since my wife became a blogger! And then became as obsessed with this occupation as she is with playing Bridge and, to a slightly lesser extent, Golf. In fairness, she has come a long way since she started the blog, when she didn’t know how to turn a computer on and was reliant on me to type up her hand-written notes.

Hilda on laptop 

 Dining Out

Now a meal in a restaurant isn’t quite the same until ‘She’ has taken photographs of every course, just in case she feels the urge to write a blog about the place later and has to have the evidence on show. It doesn’t matter that the rest of the restaurant patrons are giving quizzical looks in our direction.

Here (below) she is caught in the act at Chez Sara on Old Street in Malahide.

 Hilda food snapping

The Model Wife

Now, clothes are no longer bought outright, they are just ‘borrowed’ so that I can help in the decision-making process and then I’m obliged to take photographs of her modelling the outfits. My Samsung phone has a brilliant camera but apparently I’m not always good enough with poses, so multiple shots are required to satisfy The Blogger Wife.

We bought her a new blogger-friendly Canon EOS M10 camera last Christmas and we are both learning how to use it to better effect.

The photo below, in which Hilda is ‘lounging casually’ on a chaise longue, is one of several she insisted I take while we were on a mini-break to Harvey’s Point in Donegal (well worth a visit, by the way). After all that, she didn’t even use it in the eventual blog (which you can check out here!)

 Hilda lounging

Holiday Snaps

On a holiday overseas, the random family snap on a beach or in front of a temple or palace is simply no longer adequate. Now, attention to composition is critical, wearing the right clothes to complement the surroundings or background is advisable and always keeping the look of the blog in mind is absolutely essential!

The photo (below) was taken in front of a graffiti wall beside a canal in East London to highlight the new black raincoat (an Ilse Jacobsen creation bought in Paula’s in Malahide, to be precise!). Does she look OK in the shot? Is the angle right?Does this need to be a landscape or portrait shot? Is the colour contrast sufficient?

This blogging assistant business is no easy task, believe me!

Hilda London Graffiti

Mind you, between the Blogger Wife and the stylist daughter, my knowledge and appreciation of fashion matters has reached new heights in recent times. Indeed, my comments on new clothing items are no longer instantly dismissed but instead are even welcomed, almost as views of an ‘honest broker’!

Mobile Connection

In tandem with her new occupation, The Blogger Wife is almost permanently attached to her Samsung mobile. Such was the ever-increasing level of use – all in the interest of research via the Internet, don’t you know! – that the major jump in monthly phone costs necessitated an urgent change in her package with the supplier!

Hilda on mobile

She still spends an inordinate amount of time on the phone but at least it’s cheaper now!

So now, after 35 years with Hilda as my wife, mother of our two daughters and now granny to Logan, I’m coming to terms with my new role as Blogger Assistant!

Providing my editing skills (when required), constantly taking photographs, and acting as chauffeur to the latest ‘assignments’ or to Irish Blogger Agency events are now integral parts of my ‘new life’.

 happy couple

Not a lot has changed since then! She still snaps meals in restaurants, she still ‘borrows’ fashion outfits, she still insists on multiple photos taken everywhere and she still spends hours on the Samsung every day. And since her blogging has become more prolific, I am required – usually at short notice – to drop everything to take the latest photo (apparently I’m improving in that regard) and to provide my editing and proofreading expertise from my previous life as a wordsmith!

My Instagram Husband is wonderful, but prone to exaggeration! I swear.