Arnotts in Dublin has been my ‘go-to’ shop for years: it is pretty fair to say that you can get practically everything there, so I am always popping in and out. I was very happy to see the return of Dyrberg/Kern, the Danish jewellery brand, to the store.

While you can find the brand in other shops, the Arnotts’ concession carries the best selection as it’s the biggest in Ireland. If you are looking for contemporary jewellery with the emphasis on quality and design, using some of the most modern and advanced techniques, then go no further. Beautiful earrings, bracelets, necklaces and watches beckon from the cabinets. Walking on by is not an option!

I am a huge fan of their Compliments rings. How clever is the idea of a basic ring (though there are several different designs) with interchangeable toppers in different colours and stones. Definitely a no-brainer.  See below.

I was offered a gift from the collection and it did not take me long to zone in on the Tereisa bracelet, available in three finishes: silver, gold and rose gold and priced at €99. If you want the science, the plating used (ion plating) is one of the most advanced surface finishing processes on the market. Made from stainless steel and created with Swarovski crystals, the bracelet sparkled and glittered from the cabinets onto my arm, just like that! Below you can see both the bracelet and my Complements ring as I decorate the tree.

So, there you are, send your man in to buy you something from the collection and if you are one of my few male readers, surprise a loved one with a present from Dyrberg/Kern. You will find them on the ground floor near the Information Desk.

Oh, and whisper overthehilda and they will give you a 15% discount from now until Christmas. How wonderful is that? Feel free to share!