You may recall that as a part of a blogger group called ‘5 over-50’, I participated in a series of style challenges where we took it in turn to create a theme. Only recently, two of our group, Gail and Laurie, left because of other commitments, so we are now joined by young Emma and re-branded as ‘Style not Age’.

The latest challenge, set by me this time, was entitled ‘Fun with Fur’ – it seemed easy as I have worn more faux-fur this year than ever before because of the really cold winter we are enduring. It was left open to interpretation and it has set the cat among the pigeons in our little group. Our gorgeous new member Emma Peach is vegan and obviously opposed to the wearing of real fur. So, it opened up a discussion among the four of us.

When my hubby’s mum passed away, a fur coat, warm and luxurious, came into our possession and has hung there, unworn for over two years, because of my conflicting views on the ethics of wearing real fur. I didn’t even put it on for a photo!

Fur is a natural fibre, wonderfully warm and durable. It can be up-styled, recycled time and again and, most importantly, it is biodegradable. Faux-fur, on the other hand, is made from petroleum by-products and causes huge damage to the environment because it can take hundreds of years to biodegrade and even then, particles of plastic still stay in the soil and make their way to the oceans. Below is a photo of a faux-fur gilet I have borrowed from my daughter and worn quite a bit.

I wear leather so why don’t I wear fur? I am pro-choice in most aspects of my life and I respect the beliefs and opinions of others, even though I may not agree with them. But I admit I would be afraid to wear fur because of the reactions of others.

Is there any contradiction between wearing fur or leather and caring for the welfare of animals, given that there are very tight regulations around the fur industry?

But it is not as simple as that is it?  Anna from annasislandstyle wrote about this dilemma recently and explains it very well HERE. I urge you to read it.

And here is another I found helpful.

Having read quite a lot from both sides of the argument, I now would probably wear my mother-in law’s coat, because it was passed down when she passed on.

Anyway back to my faux-furs.

While they may not be as warm as real fur, they are cosy and as I mentioned before, they are getting worn this year far more than ever before. I am channelling ‘War and Peace’ during a recent stay in Kilronan Castle in Roscommon below:

Another, years old, from Sisley also worn in Kilronan below:

Anna, below, from annasislandstyle, bought her faux-fur lined coat in TK Maxx, her boots in Zara and all her jewellery from charity shops. Follow Anna also to see her amazing charity shop finds.

Jacqui from mummabstylish is our new leader and rocks her blue dress from H&M and a faux fur gilet from M&Co. She has teamed them with some cute shoes, echoed perfectly by the graffitied background.

Our newest member Emma of Style Splash (her background is in tv and radio) is wearing a  very pretty faux-fur collar from River Island and a Laura Ashley dress. I love how she she cleverly co-ordinated her boots, hair and collar. Read more from Emma at Style Splash.


Are you confused by the pro-fur and anti-fur debate? Would you wear real fur? Were you aware of the environmental issues around faux-fur? I wasn’t and it has made me more conscious of buying natural fibres wherever possible in the future.

So what started out as a fun challenge has made me question my own responsibility towards the environment and the world around us.


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