While I was a boarder at secondary school, we had a ghost called The Green Lady who supposedly haunted the chapel. I remember as a gullible third year (yes, fourteen year-olds were innocent then) being terrified by the stories put about by the seniors.

But despite all that, green remains one of my favourite colours and I wore it quite a lot as a young woman. One of my first purchases (bought with money earned from a summer job in the early Seventies) was a crimplene paisley-patterned green maxi dress with a hood. I still have that dress and although it’s a ‘bit’ tight, I donned it recently. See below for a laugh!  


 I remember spending money I had put aside for curtains for our first house on a bottle green trouser suit (sadly no photos). I also had a lighter green skirt suit that made me look a bit like an Aer Lingus air hostess. Below, I am wearing a knit jumper and skirt when I was a few months pregnant with daughter number two (the stylist). I love that particular shade of green ( I think it’s bottle-green). In fact, I wish I had kept it, because with the new midi length back in fashion, it would be just perfect.

green dress graham hilda kirsty


While researching this post and searching for green fashion items, I was amazed by all the different shades of green, from mint and aqua (used mostly in bridesmaid and evening dresses) to kelly (more of an Irish rich grassy green) and emerald right through to the dark British Racing green. Of course, there are several more in between and  Pantone (the colour standard for the fashion industry) has declared ‘Lush Meadow’ one of its top colours for A/W 2016.  According to Pantone it brings to mind fresh botanicals and foliage.

Most of the greens in the shops over the past few years have been military green  or khaki. I did buy a green  tunic-type coat in Marks and Spencer last year, which I have worn in Spring and cooler summer days and it will get some more exposure in Autumn. Below, I teamed it with Palazzos from Paulas in Malahide, Dublin. I can’t work out the exact shade. Is it olive or khaki


But vibrant green has been sadly missing from my wardrobe in recent years. I did buy a maxi dress three years ago which I have worn a handful of times, but bring out for special occasions now and again. It’s from the Save the Queen label and was bought in a wonderful boutique called Jenny’s in Dunshaughlin, Ireland.  

Easy to wear and comfortable, I don’t think I am ready to part with it yet. Below, pictured with my two daughters, I wore it to Lucy’s wedding in Castle Durrow, Laois.

green maxi and daughters


And here I am last Saturday night heading to a birthday party of a good friend.

green maxi


 Green dresses are not easy to find and I presume those in the featured photo, all from top designers, are out of the range of most of us mortals, but I did find one  reasonably priced in House of Fraser. I love the vivid green but don’t ask me the shade. l think that the style would suit any age and size because it flares out beautifully. Have a look.



Green has age-old associations with envy and jealousy which have given it bad press but, for me, green represents vibrancy and energy ….I am searching for a new green dress so the Green Lady can walk or run or dance again!