I always feel good when I have been to see Geraldine, for two reasons. First of all, my hair always looks a hundred times better when I am leaving (yes, she is my hairdresser) and secondly, we have a laugh. We share common interests in alternative therapies, health and fitness and writing.

As well as being a wife and mother and working in Peter Mark Hairdressing Salon in Malahide, Ireland, for twenty years (she describes herself as a ‘lifer’), she has written a monthly column for her local paper over the past decade. Geraldine doesn’t take herself too seriously, but loves her work, not least because she enjoys meeting people and hearing their stories.

An avid reader as a child, the urge to write is always there, even if it seldom gets to a page, she claims!  Anyway, I was delighted when she agreed to be my guest blogger. I know you will enjoy her experience of a style evening, her musings on the differences between the youth of today and those of her generation and maybe we should all take her advice on being a little more adventurous!

Geraldine writes…….

A few months ago, I was persuaded to go to a style night in the local school. I went along a bit reluctantly, because I had a pre-conceived notion that it would be a sort of tiring list of rules about what you should wear at any given age. Bracing myself, along I went and I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Funny and quick-witted, the stylist took us through a light-hearted quiz to determine our style type, and a few pointers about what to look for in shoes, boots and scarves. A bit of a relief for me, having hit a style crossroads, to find that as a ‘dramatic’ dresser I could wear more dresses, but by teaming them with a biker jacket, I could retain my own ‘take’ on a look.

 stylish lady

We live in such a visual world that it’s hard not to become even a teeny bit occupied with appearance. A quick scroll though social media and all you can see are perfectly made up, balyage-toting, boho, blow-dried young women, who, annoyingly, seemed to have skipped the character-building ugly teenager phase.

I come from the generation of badly applied pan-stick, Rimmel’s Heather Shimmer lipstick, and either crazy-looking geometric haircuts that totally obscured your vision in one eye, or long-haired perms that looked like they’d been knitted by your granny. But hey, you know what? These stunning young ladies are standing on the shoulders of giants. We suffered the bad hair, dodgy make-up and cheap sticky products so that they could evolve to the selfie-ready beauties they are.

Hairy lady

So why should they have all the fun? I think it’s time we raided their toolbox and see what we can adapt. High-definition eyebrows can look scarily like two massive commas, but tone it down a tad and eyebrows are a great face-framer.


Teeth-brightening has never been cheaper and really lifts your whole face, provided you still have teeth!


These are just the conservative changes! There are no limits and no rules. We could tint our hair purple and take up bungee jumping if we liked. We could equally wear stretchy pants, drink Gin for breakfast and eat cake till we burst – after all, at this age, who’s going to stop us?!