I was recently sent some skin products from Herbalife ‘Intelligent Skin Nutrition’.

I had never heard of the brand before, but I was delighted to be given the chance to review the three products, suitable for my age, which they sent me.


As a blogger, I get free stuff. However, I only review what I feel works for ME.

When I do not particularly like a product, or I would not be happy to recommend it, I email the company and explain why.

It might not suit me, but it could be excellent on skin 20 or even 10  years younger.


Skincare is such a personal issue. We all have different needs, depending on skin type and age.

Some days, I look ten years younger than I am. Both photos below are pre-using Herbalife, one with make-up, one with very  little.

And some days I look ten years older.


HerbaLife claims that you will notice visible results in just 7 days. The products are designed to penetrate deep into the skin, enhancing, improving and nourishing the complexion; in other words, you will get softer, ‘more youthful’ and healthier-looking skin ‘with diminished fine lines and wrinkles’.

The range was developed in conjunction with top dermatologists and opthamologists and is clinically tested.
There are no added parabens and the products are free from sulphates.


It claims to HELP diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in 7 days and is suitable for all skin types.

This super-charged, multi-functional serum contains Chestnut Seed Extracts, Vitamins and Peptides to reduce visible signs of ageing. Luxurious in texture, it can be used morning and evening for optimum benefit. Below, after applying serum, before make-up. Can you see the glow?


Clinically tested to show that skin’s moisture doubled over 8 hours, what I particularly like is that it provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection – ensuring skin is suitably armed against harmful UV rays.


Packed with vitamins, Olive Fruit Oil, Sesame Seed Oil, Flower extracts and Aloe Vera, this is a rich cream, but not a heavy one. I dislike creams that clog the skin.


1 My skin felt and looked more HYDRATED, therefore softer and, dare I say, almost glowing while there did not APPEAR to be as many lines, or at least they were not as deep.

2 I  loved the luminous sheen from the serum, which no doubt added to the appearance of smoothness.

3 I like the pump packaging, which means that the cream is not affected by being in an open jar and is not contaminated. It also reduces the likelihood of breaking.

4 A little goes a long way with these products.

5 At 50ml, they are travel friendly.

Below a picture taken a week ago at my daughter’s HEN PARTY.

In terms of ordering, Herbalife SKIN sells via members (in the same way Avon does). It’s super easy for people to locate a member, they just go to www.herbalife.ie and it’ll bring up the contact closest to them. They can then order via the website.

My honest opinion is that these are excellent products, they minimise lines, hydrate and add luminosity, so it is a WIN for Herbalife.