‘Teeth are always in style’. Dr. Seuss

I have been smiling without showing my teeth recently (see below) because I have not been particularly happy with their condition. My top front teeth had become weakened and worn down, the edges were rough and the enamel was damaged. They had also lost length. Seemingly, this is common as you age. You all know the phrase ‘long in the tooth’!

Grinding my teeth over the years while sleeping has not helped and yes, I did have a mouth guard but I lost it about two years ago and never replaced it. I know losing it was irresponsible, but not replacing it was unforgiveable.

Anyway, I returned to Dr Sarah Flannery, my dentist at the Seapoint Clinic, Blackrock.  This was where I had my implants seven years ago.  We had discussed some work on these worn-down teeth before, but I had been put off by the expense. And the procedure of taking away some of the actual tooth and then capping it did not appeal to me either. You can see (below) the difference in length between my two front teeth and the two on either sides. There is also a lot of wear and tear.


Composite Bonding

But I was delighted to be told by Sarah that she had a new way to treat my teeth. Since I had seen her, she had completed a Masters in Aesthetic Dentistry from King’s College London and one of her new techniques is composite bonding (which is a white resin) to deal with problems such as wear-and-tear damage.

In my case, she just needed to add on to the ends of the six teeth at the top. The entire procedure took about one and a quarter hours. A shade of resin was selected to match my teeth. This was carefully applied and shaped and smoothed over the tooth.  A special light is used to harden the resin and finally my teeth are polished. See a close-up of the finished teeth below.


  • One visit
  • Repairs my damaged teeth
  • No anaesthetic needed.
  • Reasonably priced
  • Protects my teeth
  • Non-invasive
  • Looks natural
  • You can eat straight away
  • No discomfort/no drilling
  • No preparation needed


I paid €150 per tooth.

My teeth are strengthened against breakage and decay. They should last about five years, depending on how I look after my teeth. I do have a new mouthguard too!

And they look so much better.  I am now no longer reluctant to show them again.

And I am heading back in a month to get my bottom teeth, also badly worn, sorted.