I embraced the kimono and the cold shoulder  fashion trends in 2017, though I had flirted briefly in 2016 with the latter.  A full-blown romance was conducted with this particular fashion item so that even if it goes out of style any time soon, my purchases will not be leaving my wardrobe.

Firstly, it is such a flattering look and I love the hint of sexiness it projects and what woman does not have beautiful shoulders? It is the probably the least known erogenous zone, don’t you know?

The stylist daughter has been collecting kimonos for years, so I was able to borrow hers to indulge my own conversion without having to make any serious outlay, thank goodness.

As a retired lass, my wardrobe needs have really changed and I need more casual clothes. I shopped mostly High Street, the usual suspects: Zara, H&M and Top Shop, but only discovered Selected Femme last year when it opened a shop in The Swords Pavilions, my local shopping centre. I loved it so much I dedicated an entire post to it HERE. There are stores all over the country and I recently purchased a lovely jumper in their sale.

I have had great fun with the 5-over-50 monthly style challenge, where I join with four other bloggers in a fun ‘fashion-off’. We enjoy the challenge and are always intrigued at the differences in our interpretations.  Check out my very first one HERE

Attending Ladies’ Day at The Dublin Horse Show in the RDS as the guest of Qatar Airways gave me the opportunity to dress up and put on a hat. Y0u can read about my experience HERE.

But the highlight of the year was my photo-shoot with The-Bias-Cut.com in London where I met fellow bloggers (both from the UK) Gail from Is this mutton and Laurie from Vanity and me. You can read all about my day here and see the beautiful clothes I selected for the shoot. The good news is that many of them are now on sale. I guarantee it will convert you to online shopping.  You can read my post HERE

Apart from colourful prints being ‘huge’ again this year, I haven’t a clue what  else is in store in new ‘trends’,  but I will only buy into those that suit me, like the cold-shoulder. I am certainly no slave to fashion, but I will be sharing so please join me in my quest for fashionable, reasonably-priced clothes for the maturing body!