When I started my blog six months ago, I hadn’t read a blog written by anyone else of my age. I read make-up and fashion blogs by young women a third of my age and found little in common with them. They were writing for an entirely different audience. Then my daughter set me up on Instagram and recently found me some “older” bloggers to follow. So I looked at their wonderful photos and then realised that if I clicked on the links in their profiles, I could go straight to their blogs.

Most of these ladies whom I follow are American and Australian.  They are far more experienced than I am at this blogging lark and astound me with the frequency of their posts. Recently, I was invited to join a “sisterhood” of sorts – “Fabulous #over 50 Bloggers” – a forum in which to share ideas, and this has opened up “a whole new world”.

My plan is to introduce you to a new international blogger on a regular basis, so you can take a peek into a different life. The first lady, the beautiful Lisa Brown Hale, lives in Georgia and is a wife, mother and besotted grandmother. Like me, Lisa is relatively new to blogging, but she is already making a name for herself.

MCS_SilverStylish-020 [7861261]

For decades, she has worked with clients to help them look their best and develop their own style. Starting out as a Master Cosmetologist, she also worked as a make-up artist for Chanel and Lancôme.  Later working with Gap, she helped all age groups find their own style. In this latest venture as a blogger, Lisa focuses on bringing a unique sense of style to mature women who want to achieve and maintain their very best look.

Lisa’s latest  post is all about lipstick and you can pick up some great hints and tips from her blog, particularly in the beauty and fashion areas.

Do yourself a favour and follow Lisa on www.madeuplove.com  or if you are on Instagram under the title thesilverstylist