A kimono can transform an ordinary pair of jeans and a top into something extraordinary. It can add a certain allure to a dress and I have seen it raise a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on a young concert-goer to a completely different level.

Many of us use it to cover a not-so-pert bottom and there is nothing wrong with that either. Of Japanese origin, it actually means a ‘thing to wear’! Who knew? If you are interested in learning more about this traditional article of clothing from Japan, click here

A fabulous piece to have in your wardrobe for cooler summer days, it is also a perfect transitional piece for heading into Autumn.

I have only started wearing this very versatile item of clothing this Spring and now I am a convert. Below, my first purchase in H&M was worn to an Imelda May concert earlier this summer.

I loved it so much, I purchased another in Zara; in fact, my friend saw it first but could not make up her mind, so I bought it instead!

The stylist daughter has collected kimonos long before they back came into fashion a few years ago. Many were discovered in vintage shops in New York and London, and she now has a huge high street collection too. Below, you can see one of them, with beautiful fringing, ‘borrowed’  from her and worn three weeks ago in Mount Wolseley. If you missed the post on our stay read it here Mount Wolseley mid-week break was amazing value


Unfortunately, the kimonos and her jewellery are the only items I can borrow. She is a petite 5ft 2inches and a size 8. I am 5ft 4 and a half inches (that half inch is very important) and a size 10 to 12. Below you can see another one, a  floral Zara purchase of hers which I was wearing when we visited Altamont Gardens in County Carlow on the way back from Mount Wolseley.

And here is another of hers from H&M which I wore last Sunday when out for coffee with GG. We couldn’t resist popping across the road for a few shots with some ducks. Unfortunately, I had no bread with me so they lost interest in me pretty quickly and waddled away!

So, get on the kimono bandwagon. Remember, a kimono will transform your look; it will add a bit of pzazz or razzamatazz to whatever you are wearing. And according to the style experts, the kimono will still be seen this autumn/winter, but in velvet and similar luxurious fabrics. I am on the hunt for a new one, or maybe I will just ‘borrow’ from the daughter’s wardrobe!