The theme for this month’s Style not Age is ‘Life’s a Ball’.

‘You feel very romantic when you’re in a ball gown. Everyone should wear one once in a while.’ – Carolina Herrera (dress designer)

Nowadays we have very few occasions when we (as in ladies) can wear what is considered to be a ‘ball gown’. The first time is usually when we finish school; here it is known as The Debs and in America The Prom. After that, unless we are celebrities attending red carpet events or royalty, the only other occasion (other than black-tie balls) when we have the option of a traditional ball gown is our wedding day.

I have attended charity balls over the years and while some ladies do wear the long dress with the full skirt, or a variation of that, many also wear what are termed cocktail dresses and even wide trousers or jump suits are popular and acceptable.

The original ball gown is thought to have materialised in the mid-1820s, when there were very precise labels for dressing. For example, you wore a promenade dress for walking, an evening dress for dinner and so a ball gown to the ball.

As luck would have it, I am going to a Ball in November, a black-tie event to celebrate the 60 years anniversary of our local yacht club. I literally bumped into my dress, which was on display on a mannequin in the middle of a shopping centre in Dublin, when I was out with my husband. It fitted like a glove but needs to be shortened quite a bit.

You are seeing it before the alteration. Green is one of my favourite colours, though as well as being associated with nature and fertility, has more negative connotations of envy and jealousy also. The sweet bag is from Folkster  www.


Anna decided on the theme this month. Life has indeed been a ball for Anna, who is one of the faces and bodies of real women who have been featured in the new “I AM” fashion campaign for JD Williams. Woman and Home magazine featured the first advert and the TV commercial is currently being aired on UTV.  We are very proud of our friend who represents all of us older women, who are trying to get the fashion industry and the media in general to realise that we are very much alive and still have an important role to play. I wrote before about the Fierce 50 Revolution Campaign, where we challenged preconceptions about women of a certain age!

Anna is very much the lady of the castle in her elegant charity shop find.

Jacqui opted for the ever elegant and popular black.

Emma, would you believe, is wearing her wedding dress, bought on e Bay for £40! Doesn’t she look fabulous in that vibrant orange?

My friends have wonderful blogs and Instagram accounts. Follow them to learn more about their lives. I hope life is a BALL for all of you, even though we all have to deal with times when the ball is burst!

Happy Monday to you all. x