I treat my make-up the same way I treat my man.

If something serves me well, I tend to stick with it until I either find something I like better, or until it no longer suits me, whichever comes first.

Of course, I am not serious, my GG is built to last, unlike my make-up!


For the past three years, I have stayed with Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow as a primer and Light Wonder (3 Fair) tint for my everyday coverage. You can read my review here.

But I do now and again sample something new and last year ‘By Terry’ Illuminating Flawless Foundation Brush seduced me (5 Peach Beige) and I tend to use it in the evening when I need more coverage. You can read the review here.

I think that lighter coverage is better on mature skin as heavier make-up only accentuates the lines and wrinkles.  I am also happy with the shades of both products.


I don’t give any longer than 5 minutes on my eyes. I use a soft Mac eye pencil which I smudge so the line is not too hard or harsh.  It adds definition to the eyes and makes them pop a bit.

Eye Shadow

Then I mess around with the beiges and browns from a wonderful Black Canvas palette which I have well over a year. Is it wrong to be still using it?

And I have written before here about the pot of gold, also from Charlotte Tilbury, popped on top which adds lustre to the entire eye.

A Pixi Eye Bright liner No 1 is used if I have time to line the inside of the lower eye lid.


Though dyed once a month, they still need some help to fill in the gaps and at the moment I am also using a Charlotte Tilbury ‘Legendary Brows’ for that job. I will write a review soon on why it is ‘the bees knees’.


I am still on the search for the perfect mascara and am quite happy with my current Shiseido which gives good coverage and is easy to remove. Read my post on mascaras here.


I have to admit I am a bit lax in the lip pencil department; many are too harsh and hard on the lips, but I use Catrice and Bourjois, both ‘cheap as chips’.

I have a few lippies on the go, and have several No 7s, but my favourite of the moment is the super-moisturising Giorgio Armani Ecstasy Shine lipstick.  What I love about these are how moisturising they are because of the addition of rose oil and hyaluronic acid. I love the red magnetic cases and  feel  they are worth every bit of their €33.  The two pictured above have the lovely names of ‘Fatale’  and ‘Drama’  or 502 and 503.

Filmstar Bronze and Glow

Another Charlotte Tilbury product. And no I don’t have shares in the company, nor did I get any for free. But I love how it is all-in-one glam container and that there are instructions on the back as to where it is to be applied. I do not use this on a daily basis but will whoosh the bronzer and highlighter on when I need something extra. And I have a clever double-ended brush to use with it.

I am very much an amateur when it comes to applying make-up and I always see the difference when I get it done professionally, particularly in photos. But for the day-to-day casual living, I like it to be easy and natural.

So, there you have it, these are the items I like at the moment, many of which I buy on repeat. Finding the right make-up for mature skin is a bit like searching for the holy grail. What works for you? I would love to know …sharing is caring or so they say.