Micro Needling is seemingly the latest and most effective treatment in the fight against lines and wrinkles. I laugh when I see the age of the testers. They need someone of more advanced years to really test it, I always say.

So, when Wendy Tyner of Wendy’s Advanced Aesthetic and Skincare Clinic in Dunboyne offered me a Micro Needling (Collagen Induction Therapy) treatment, I jumped at the opportunity. Already a fan of acupuncture, I fancied that this particular micro needling might yield even better results.

Medical micro needling differs from cosmetic micro needling in that it penetrates deeper and is done by a nurse, doctor or medical aesthetician.


A former nurse, Wendy has been working part-time in advanced skin care since 2005, but finally bit the bullet, retired from nursing and opened her own clinic in Dunboyne in 2016. You can find more details on her FB page @wendy’sskinclinic or phone 00353 87 6125047



When I arrived, my face was cleansed and a numbing cream (below) applied prior to the treatment. Wendy gave the cream plenty of time to do its job so that the procedure would be as pain-free as possible.

While waiting, she explained why micro needling has become popular because it is a minimally invasive treatment used to rejuvenate the skin. We discussed how many Irish women are still reluctant to use such treatments and how we need to look after ourselves, particularly as we age. No argument here.

Micro Needling

Anyway, when numb(ish) after about 20 minutes, the cream was removed and Wendy started the treatment.

A device like a thick pen (below) with fine needles created tiny punctures in the top layer of the skin; these pinpricks kick-start the skin into healing, which in turn triggers the creation of new collagen and elastin.

As you know, the production of collagen and elastin decreases as we age, hence wrinkles and sagging skin. UGH! Do any of you still get a fright when you look in the mirror and expect to see a younger version of you?

Wendy applied a serum as she was needling to help reduce lines and plump up my skin and to ensure that a deeper penetration is obtained. The needling was not sore until she started working on the area between my lips and nose, so the depth the needles went was reduced.

When done, a soothing mask (below) infused with hyaluronic acid and other essential ingredients specific to my problem (dryness and wrinkles) was then applied followed by post-treatment balm and sun protection.


My skin was quite red for the rest of the day, but not uncomfortable. Wendy gave me some cream to apply post-treatment. She also advised me to use Vitamin C cream in the morning and a good cream from the Image range in the evening.

The redness above had reduced  hugely by the evening, remained a little red for two days, but was tight and dry for a few days. I kept applying the cream and following her advice, which included suncream, even in our awful weather!


I definitely see an improvement in firmness and feel that my lines and wrinkles are not as deep. My skin looks brighter and a little plumper.

Obviously, a course of 4-6 Medical Micro needling treatments is usually recommended to achieve optimum results. Skin rejuvenation continues to improve over time as the skin cycle progresses.

The treatment takes around an hour and you need to have one treatment approximately every four weeks for 4/6 months and then a few times a year after.

Costs depends on the area/areas to be treatment but usually start at €150- €175 per treatment. There is a reduction for courses booked and paid for in advance. What do you think? Have you or would you try it? I am seriously considering a course. Micro needling- yes or no?