Now is the time while in isolation/cocooning/quarantine/lockdown to watch some excellent series on Netflix that you might have missed in the past.  If you are not into watching telly, I posted plenty of other recommendations LAST WEEK.  But if you feel like some escapism through the box, read on. And  check out some other recommendations I previously posted HERE.

GG and I have used this time to catch up on some series that were recommended to us, but had never got around to watching. Here are some of our favourites on Netflix over the past year.



Currently in its 3rd season, this pacey, gritty drama series will have you glued to your seats. It is set in the Ozarks, a popular summer tourist spot in Missouri. Marty Byrde has been forced to move his family there from Chicago to launder money for a Mexican drug cartel. But there are problems with the locals and more demands from the cartel.


The Crown

British drama series about the life of Queen Elizabeth II, from taking over the throne in 1952 on her father’s death to the present day, with all the politics and scandals that have emerged in between.


Call The Midwife

A friend of mine recently posted on FB that this series is helping her get through our present situation. So I was reminded how much I love it.  We watched this BBC period drama from its first episode in 2012 and it has recently finished season 8.   Follow the lives of a group of nuns and lay midwives and the families they work with in the east end of London from the late 1950s through to the 1960s. Based on the memoirs of Jennifer Worth, it gives an insight also into what life was like at that time. A child of the ’50s myself, I am intrigued by it all.  You will also love the soundtrack, the acting and the heart-warming stories.


How to Get Away with Murder


I joke with Graham that I am watching this to get tips…..

The wonderful Viola Davis is in the lead role of Annalise Keating, an abrasive defence attorney. The series follows her and a group of law students that she teaches at a university, as they tackle various legal cases and their individual problems. We are on season 4 at the moment and loving it.


But perhaps it is comedy that we need at the moment and I recommend three very different series to take your minds off the current crisis.

The Kominsky Method


Brilliantly written American comedy series starring Michael Douglas as Kominsky, an actor who made it big a long time ago, but  now is an acting coach at his studio named after himself, “The Kominsky Method.” His best friend and agent Alan Arkin loses his wife to cancer, which leaves both of them questioning their existence as they struggle through choices and relationships, old and new.  The jokes may be old, but I guarantee people of a certain age will enjoy this one.


The Windsors


A satirical soap opera on the British Royal Family which is right up-to-date with the current happenings in their world. The first three seasons are very funny, but this more recent offering is a little too close to the bone. But watch it and see what you think. Harry Enfield is a wonderfully comic Prince Charles and Beatrice and Eugenie are hilariously portrayed as grasping minor royals.


Grace and Frankie

If you want a laugh then this is the series for you. Graham does not like it, so I tend to watch it on my own. Grace (Jane Fonda) and Frankie (Lily Tomlin) make a wonderfully comic duo. They have never liked each other and are poles apart in personality and interests. When their respective husbands drop the bombshell that they are gay, have been having an affair and are leaving them, they are forced to rely on each other. Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston are excellent as the husbands too. I dare you not to love this.


So binge away, if you (like me) have the time. These will help distract you from our present problems.

Stay home; stay safe. Watch Netflix

Love Hilda