My Brows are Back with ‘Unbelieva Brow’  by L’Oreal (well temporarily back).

Lockdown has played havoc with my brows. Usually I get them dyed and then all I have to fill them in with a pencil. And my go-to pencil is Charlotte Tilbury. I like many of Charlotte’s products. But they have been gradually disappearing in the past two months. And no brow pencil was doing the job of covering the greys. I was due to get them dyed about six weeks ago around about the start of lockdown. That never happened obviously. You can see the problem in the photo below.



And when GG (Gorgeous Graham) asked one morning where my eyebrows had gone, I knew I was in trouble. He normally never comments negatively. Can’t you dye them, he asked. I had failed spectacularly in trying to dye my eyelashes, so I was not too hopeful about the brows. Anyway, I could not find any dye in the pharmacies or online.


Then a few days ago a fairy godmother from L’Oreal sent me a longwear eye gel called ‘Unbelieva Brow’. I had never heard of it. Now it is not a dye, but it promises to last two days.

I approached it with trepidation as my eyelash dying experiment had been a disaster. And I was a little sceptical.



Lightly apply product (spongy brush provided) to fill in sparse areas. (I might have been a bit heavy-handed as I seem to have more sparse areas at the moment).

Use the angled brush to outline and define brow shape.

To finish, comb through brows with the spoolie.


It only takes 90 seconds to apply. It took me longer…but I imagine I will speed up once I get used to it. But it is easy.

Waterproof….. Yes

Transfer-proof…. Yes, nothing left on the pillow

Smudge-proof….. Yes

Sweat-proof…. I haven’t been sweating too much, but I would imagine it is.



It has been so many weeks since I have had eyebrows that it was a wow moment. I was back. Initially I thought they looked a little dark and maybe I had over-applied. But I soon got used to them. Another plus was that it tamed some wayward hairs. It lasts two days, but begins to look patchy after that.

I looked awake again.

The first thing my grandson Logan said this morning on Zoom was ‘Nana, what did you do with your eyes?’

So definitely a WIN. You can have HD brow look without the commitment. It can be removed easily with oil based cleanser.

You can find ‘Unbelieva Brow’ online at Boots for €19.99 and elsewhere too. It comes in 6 different shades from cool blonde to ebony. Mine is brunette and there is a lighter and a darker shade. It can be removed easily with oil-based cleanser.

I was sent the product under no obligation to review it. As always, I only recommend products I really like and my views are my own.