We hadn’t visited Newbridge Farm, part of Newbridge Demesne near Donabate, Co Dublin, since our two girls were little and here we were back to a new and improved farm with our 20-month old grandson, Logan.  Monday is Logan day and we had an idea that we would go to the farm if the weather was good.

Lo and behold, last Monday was a smashing day, with barely a cloud in the sky.

Newbridge House (Georgian) itself is worthy of a visit (the Cobbe family lived there until 1984, when it was purchased by Dublin County Council), however maybe not advisable with an energetic toddler, but you can read about it on the link at the end of this post.

A new reception area and coffee shop had been added and was just recently opened. Entry fee for the farm is €5 per adult, but there is a discount if you are over 60 like GG and me. You get in for €4 like the under 12 s, And of course under 2s go free.

On Monday, locals, who had been out walking (many with dogs) around the  370-acre demesne were sitting enjoying their elevenses.


We entered the Farm via its 18th century cobbled courtyard. The buildings surrounding the courtyard house the Rent Room, Tack Room, Coach House, Blacksmith’s Forge, Horse Stables, Joinery Shop and so on.

But it was in the next area where Logan had great fun. He can say cock-a-doodle-doo as well as any rooster, so he spent ages mimicking the numerous different breeds around.

In this area, with the hay barn and pig sties, we saw many mums and their babies, resting up. We petted pigs, lambs and kid goats. Only once did a Mummy goat come over to see who was making so much noise. It was both Logan and Nana! We fed a baby donkey some straw and we watched a litter of piglets sleeping in the sun, that was until Logan woke them up! Here, also, a large owl gave us the evil eye, particularly as Logan ‘hooted’ at him.


In the next area, there is an aviary with the most wonderful colourful birds chirping non-stop and a peacock, who would not show off his tail no matter what we did, but treated us with utter disdain as he strutted haughtily around us.


Luckily, I had the stroller with us as this is a large enough area and there is a vast array of animals, ranging from more goats and sheep to Shetland and Connemara ponies.

And there is also a pond, home to a variety of ducks.

I was particularly taken with the Wild Turkeys, though Logan was not particularly enamoured with the species.

Continuing along from the paddock, a small herd of prize-winning Kerry Cows can be seen, along with plenty more horses and cattle.

And so back through the orchard and walled garden and in for a lovely coffee in their café. We spent over two hours in Newbridge, but if you have older children, you could combine it with a visit to the Adventure Playground, a picnic and a long walk.

I think we will be back soon to Newbridge Farm for another visit, before all those babies grow up.