Incredible Value to London Southend with Flybe

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The Farmhouse Cafe Tickles the Taste Buds

They say that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that would certainly be the case with The Farmhouse Café on the Long Mile Road in Dublin 12. Next to an Aldi store

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Testing ‘By Terry’ Light-Expert Click Brush

‘By Terry’, founded by Terry Gunzburg, the French cosmetic guru behind Touche Eclat (a product that I have never liked), has just recently come across my radar. I had been invited to an evening in

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The Knitting and Stitching Show

I was always in trouble in school for my knitting and sewing. I blamed it on the fact that I was left-handed and found it all rather difficult, with the result that I have avoided

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5-Over-50 Boot-up

‘These Boots are Made for Walking’ sang Nancy Sinatra and that was this month’s style challenge for the '5-over-50' group. I am a boot lover and have at least a dozen pairs. When the stylist

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Maia Dunphy’s ‘The M Word’ Hits the Shelves

I first met Maia Dunphy a few weeks ago, at an event where 'Today's Mum' was celebrated and I was taken by her wit, charm and general loveliness. Of course I knew her from the

The Bias Cut online shopping website is anything but biased.

My first introduction to the online shopping website and pop-up boutique was through the Facebook group ‘Ageism is never in Style’ (a forum for all who agree that ageism in the fashion industry needs to

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My Standing Ovation For Peter O’Brien’s Collaboration with Dunnes Stores

What’s not to love about Peter O’Brien’s collaboration with Dunnes Stores? Few Irish designers have enjoyed such international acclaim as Peter O’Brien who for two decades worked in some of the world’s best-known fashion houses:

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Millennial bridges Gap with midlifer Mum

Today marks the launch of an unprecedented campaign called 'Bridging the Gap' where 100 Millennials and 100 Midlifers are coming together to blur boundaries and put an end to stereotypes.  This campaign is inclusive as

Bridging the gap – Millennials and Midlifers in unique campaign

Bridging the GAP…What am I on about? What gap? The aim of this unique campaign is to bridge the gap between ‘old’ midlifers like me and millennials (young people in the prime of their lives)

Review of ‘Eyes to Mesmerise’ by Charlotte Tilbury

I am a fan of some of Charlotte Tilbury’s products: for example, her Wonderglow and her Light Wonder. In fact, I wrote a review of both of them here.  And I think they are reasonably

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Hat Atttack 5-Over-50 Style Challenge

It is the first Monday of the month and I am back with my 5-over-50 blogger friends for our latest challenge ‘Hat Attack’.  I returned to Anthony Peto, Dublin, for my hat. You may remember

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Today’s Mum-Happier than Yesterday’s Mum?

I could not believe my ears. Nothing had changed in the 33 years since I had my firstborn. In a survey entitled 'Today's Mum', sponsored by iconic Irish brand Sudocrem (who have just launched a

Kimono trend is here to stay

A kimono can transform an ordinary pair of jeans and a top into something extraordinary. It can add a certain allure to a dress and I have seen it raise a pair of shorts and

Mount Wolseley mid-week break was amazing value

If you are planning a hotel break and do not wish to break the bank then perhaps Mount Wolseley Hotel Spa and Golf Resort is the place to go. GG and I enjoyed a ‘Golden

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5-over-50 challenge ‘Amazing Lace’

I am going to confuse you all by posting on a Monday, but I am delighted to have been asked to join a collective of  ‘over 50 UK bloggers’ for a 5-over-50 style challenge and

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