Make-up for the more Mature Skin

I treat my make-up the same way I treat my man. If something serves me well, I tend to stick with it until I either find something I like better, or until it no longer

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The Causeway Coast Northern Ireland

While enjoying our recent visit to the award-winning Galgorm Resort & Spa near Ballymena (see post HERE), GG and I took the opportunity to take the short drive to the north Antrim coast to explore

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Galgorm Resort and Spa Experience

GG and I spent a wonderful few days in Galgorm Resort and Spa in blue skies and pleasant weather the week before the Beast from the East arrived. Recognised as Northern Ireland’s premier luxury hotel

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Fun With Fur Style Challenge in ‘Style not Age’

You may recall that as a part of a blogger group called '5 over-50', I participated in a series of style challenges where we took it in turn to create a theme. Only recently, two

5 Irish Women share what it means to be Fierce in Midlife

A year ago, I was one of fifty over-50 bloggers (and the only Irish one) to launch The Fierce 50 Movement worldwide. This has now evolved into Forever Fierce: The Midlife Revolution, embracing all women

An angry, fierce and heartbroken Jennifer Halliday speaks out

 Jennifer Halliday is fierce. Jennifer is angry. Last week, I shared Marie Carberry's story HERE; this week, you can read how the disease Alzheimer's impacts family members, but Jennifer is angry about more than that.

World Cancer Day Guest Blogger Marie – Life is for Living.

On World Cancer Day, it is my pleasure to introduce guest blogger, Marie Carberry, 56, married and mum of two, worked in the bank for years and then became a freelance journalist. Marie is one

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Kilronan Castle is the Perfect midweek Getaway

Kilronan Castle stood proud as we drove up the long drive and first impressions did not disappoint. Lovingly restored by the Hanly Group to its 18th century splendour (it was a total ruin until 2004

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3 Wonderful Books for Book Clubs

Here are short reviews of three books that I enjoyed reading, would be perfect for Book Clubs and generate a lot of debate and discussion. One is a biography of a young girl who fled

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2017 Best of Rants and Random Thoughts

Some of my most popular posts last year were in the category ‘Rants and Random Thoughts’! Many of you sympathised with me when I wrote about how to stay married for 35 years without killing

What I wore in 2017 in my fashion round-up

I embraced the kimono and the cold shoulder  fashion trends in 2017, though I had flirted briefly in 2016 with the latter.  A full-blown romance was conducted with this particular fashion item so that even

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The Best of 2017 in Health and Beauty

I was not even sure if it came under Health and Wellbeing, when I wrote about my love affair with gin. The title ‘How to stay Healthy, drink Gin’ confused a few people and I

Best of 2017 Holidays in Ireland, France and Spain

Good-bye 2017. ‘Another year over and a new one just begun’ and as well as anticipation, there is always some trepidation as to what that new year may hold. The end of the year is

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How to get Healthy in 2018

Once Christmas is over, many of us think of detoxing and dieting following the over-indulgences of the festive season. On a set date in January, once all the goodies are gone, we promise we will

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Christmas Jumper ‘5-over-50’ Style Challenge

I have never really been a fan of the Christmas jumper trend. I know it seems like I don’t have a sense of humour, but I can assure you that I do; it just doesn’t

Christmas Traditions – Food, Family and Fripperies

There is a magic about Christmas that I love. Even as a child growing up on a farm, in a family where money was scarce, the excitement and sense of expectation around Christmas was powerful.

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