‘When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple

With a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me.’

Written by poet Jenny Joseph at the age of 29 in 1961, the poem ‘Warning’ went on to spawn ‘The Red Hat Society’, an organisation where women over 50 have fun and which now has thousands of  ‘chapters’ all over the world.

Ironically, she did not even like the colour purple and though she lived into her 80s, refused to wear it!


In all its shades of lilac and mauve through to deep purple, it is a colour that people generally love or hate. I had a wonderful deep purple dress and pants suit back in the ’70s, which I wish I had kept as my daughters would love it. But I have not worn purple much in recent years, or if I have I can’t remember!

Purple is most often associated with royalty and high rank and this could be because it is one of the most expensive colours to make due to its rare occurrence in nature.



Purple combines the calm stability of blue and the energy of red. Because it combines a strong warm with a strong cool, it retains both warm and cool properties. I am not particularly fond of lavender and mauve, as they do not suit me, but I do love the bluey-purple of the suit I am wearing below.

The colour makes me feel confident and powerful. I could be a BOSS in this suit, I swear! And the blouse/shirt is so fabulous to wear also and I love the loose pussy-bow. The Clarks shoes are old and also very comfortable.

Purple suit and shirt Marc Cain 2019

Marc Cain Purple Skirt Suit 2019

Purple suit and shirt from Marc Cain 2019

Purple Skirt Suit Marc Cain Autumn/Winter 2019

When I was teaching, I owned several suits and though I love this, I really don’t need it. But MARC CAIN in Malahide allowed me to borrow it for the challenge and I will be wearing it again while modelling in a fashion show next week at Malahide Golf Club. Another chance to feel like a BOSS!

So, let us see how my friends rose to the challenge of ‘Purple Reign’!


Purple shirt and trousers

Emma (whose challenge this is) shopped her wardrobe for this outfit and her fabulous shirt is a charity shop find. You will have to head over to stylesplash to learn more.


Jacqui looks very relaxed in her Next jeans, TK Maxx tee-shirt, snakeskin boots and matching bag. Pop over to mummabstylish to see what Jacqui has been doing.


Anna from annasislandstyle (check out her post) looks resplendent in many shades of the colour purple, sitting on rocks in her natural habitat beside the sea.

We always have fun in our monthly challenges and I am often pushed beyond my comfort zone. I hope you enjoy them too.  Thank you for reading, as always.

Hilda x