I can see clearly now….

I am actually talking about my vision, but it is also a bit of a ‘light-bulb’ moment.

You see, I took delivery a few weeks ago of my Serious Readers’ lamp. And wow has it changed how I see things. Let me explain.


30 years ago, I had laser surgery (for short-sightedness) on one eye. It was very painful. Have you ever had a hot poker in your eye? Well, it felt like that and it lasted 24 hours. No painkillers worked. I never had the other eye lasered.

Thank goodness laser surgery now is a walk in the park, in contrast to what I suffered.

But back to my vision. I wear a lens in one eye and I see long distance with that one and my lasered eye is used for reading. There is a name for it. I think it is called mono-vision.


Reading is one of my passions but I tend to read in the evening. I am too busy walking, playing golf, minding my grandson, shopping, having coffee with friends etc. during the day. I enjoy writing book reviews too; you might like to check out ‘It’s Who We Are’  ‘The Middle Page’ ‘The Secret Lives of Adults’

Anyway, in the last few years I have been finding it increasingly difficult to indulge in one of my favourite hobbies.


My eyes get very tired and I  find it increasingly difficult to see the text. We had a light with the brightest of bulbs, in my reading corner, but it was still not effective.


Enter Serious Readers.  And their lovely Alex Light.

Hallelujah. The strain has gone.

The difference is the TECHNOLOGY.

A Serious Readers’ Light employs Daylight Wavelength TechnologyTM to project a natural balanced bright light beam close to the daylight our eyes are built to use.

This means you can see detail and colour indoors as if you were sitting by a window on a lovely day.

I can read comfortably for much longer periods of time, because the page is lit so clearly. Graham has also been using it for his crosswords.

An added bonus is that the light does not impose on others in the room, while my lamp also incorporates a dimmer switch which allows adjustment of the light intensity to suit individual needs.

I don’t do much sewing, but now and again a button might need to be re-attached and I actually found the light proved invaluable in helping me thread a needle. I imagine that any of you who do close needlework would love it.


The latest research shows that concentrating in poor light can:

  1. cause eye strain
  2. risk damage to our eyes
  3. affect sleeping patterns
  4. damage the retina due to too much short-wavelength blue light

The Serious Readers design, with a stay-put flexible arm and rotating swivel joint, means you can set the light up just for you, so it takes the strain, not your eyes.


Let me tell you a little more about the Serious Readers’ Alex Light:

  • It’s available as a floor-mounted or table-top model
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty and a 30-day risk-free trial
  • Its optimised 4,000K light beam offers 6-times more light on the page than the traditional 60W filament bulb
  • It’s certainly high performance but energy efficient, so will hardly contribute to your energy bills
  • Its intense beam does not decay with age, offering more light but less heat
  • Used by Heathrow Airport Air Traffic Controllers
  • Recommended by 500 opticians
  • 250,000 Serious lights are now used in 63 countries

I generally dislike talking about age and age-related problems, but it’s a fact of life that our eyesight deteriorates as we grow older, so one way to help this is to invest in better lighting. That’s why I am delighted to recommend Serious Readers’ Alex Light. It is not inexpensive at £299 (yes, I know that is a double negative) but it does make a huge difference.

It’s a British company and I can’t find any Irish company offering a similar light. Shipping costs worldwide are just £9.95.

Check out the Serious Readers’ website for more details and to see their entire range.

In collaboration with Serious Readers, but as always I give an honest review