Robin LaMonte from Atlanta Georgia and I connected through the original Fierce 50 and I was drawn to her very early on. You see, we have a similar philosophy on life.

‘LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE NOW’ says Robin and I agree; life is not a dress rehearsal.

We have an interest in fashion and both love a kimono as you can see from the photos below.

She also has a lovely warm smile and a wonderful easy writing style that makes it feel you are talking to her across a glass of wine and some food, which some day I hope to do.

And that is another reason I was drawn to Robin ; she likes her wine as I do and is a wonderful cook. Like her, I also like entertaining, but Robin does so on a different scale to me.

I love reading about her ‘Masters’ suppers and her pool parties and her Thanksgiving and Christmas feasts. It is obvious she is an amazing hostess and she often shares her foolproof recipes.

And then there is her house. You see Robin is a very successful interior designer and her own Atlanta home looks beautiful, but most importantly homely. Have a look at her YouTube videos for a tour through her home.

She shares her tips on decorating on her blog and it is worthwhile taking a look at how she decorates her home for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


She would probably consider that her greatest achievement, being a wife, a homemaker and mother of four.

Robin loves travelling both at home and abroad (in a previous life, she was a flight attendant). As well as taking wonderful photos, she has the ability to take you there with her words.

An example of this is her post on her recent visit to Savannah.

A Rhine cruise with her father, starting in Amsterdam.

Or her trip to Paris with her husband for their 30th wedding anniversary when they took a cruise up the Seine to Monet’s Gardens. It is on my bucket list now.

Robin and I also play golf and we hope to play 18 holes together some day, the golf might not be the best, because we will probably be talking so much.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Robin. Follow her on HelloIm50ish and on Instagram


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