Last summer, I wrote a blog post about my obsession with stripes – you can read the post here. The love affair with stripes has continued this year!

What is it about me that when I go into a shop I am immediately drawn to them? Neither the colour nor the direction of the stripes matter; I am always tempted.

Most of the time, I manage to resist, but I am weak-willed when it comes to the combination of stripes and a maxi dress. Hence why I was tempted to buy this Lauren dress in Arnotts – – earlier this summer. Well, there was 20% reduction too and you know how I love a bargain.

It is the perfect weight for our Irish weather and I have already worn it on about a dozen occasions, so per wear, a good buy.

Below you see me in my friend Marie’s lovely garden at one of our Supper Club gatherings. Photos here are taken by the gorgeous Helen. One of these days, I will persuade them to allow me to put up a photograph of us all. Generally, we are having so much fun that I forget to take any photos of the food. I have written about the Supper Club before and you can read about it here.

I wore it out in mixed company one night recently and one of my male friends declared that he could not look at me for too long as it was likely to give him a headache. He also said I looked like a zebra crossing, which I think is a bit harsh! Maybe my striped  ‘in your face’ shirt which I featured a few weeks ago is more likely to do that. One of my other male friends said I looked like a deck chair in that shirt…who needs friends? If you missed that post, the link is here.

Below you can see the dress teamed firstly with a white denim jacket from Penneys/Primark – -which cost €16 and then with a really old James Lakeland striped cardigan. I  plan to wear the dress with the cardigan in the cooler autumnal weather. Oh and here is the good news…I just searched this online and guess what, it is on sale for $75 here.

But have a look at the oh-so-comfy wedges bought in one of my favourite shops in Malahide – ‘Paula’s’ – for the princely sum of €35, reduced from €90.  The fringing and a little leopard detailing (also a fan of the leopard print) give them some added pzazz!! There are great bargains to be had as she is moving premises this weekend. So get in there.

Anyway, I am not likely to stop wearing stripes anytime soon. I find them flattering even if they are horizontal. And my grandson also has my penchant for stripes…here we are looking for birds, his current obsession. I apologise for being a bit booby!

Seemingly stripes, which are generally a summer staple, are also big in Autumn/Winter so don’t say you haven’t been warned. Deck chairs and zebra-crossings…will be everywhere!