This month’s ‘Style Not Age’ challenge, where we are to be inspired by the colours of the rainbow, was set by Emma  from stylesplash.

There is an often-used mnemonic to help you remember the colours of the rainbow Roy G Biv – red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (just in case you don’t know) and we have a very colourful display with which to dazzle you.

Emma, I think, has managed to include all of the colours in her outfit. It is said that your mood is influenced by the colours you wear; then Emma is obviously a very happy person.

How bright and cheerful are those yellow Carvela shoes? And the bracelet was a charity shop find.

Jacqui added the icing to the cake of her outfit with her rainbow shoes, borrowed or acquired from her daughter. Head over to mummabstylish to read more.

Anna (Anna’s Island Style) also looks amazing in her red and pink shift dress and purple handbag. And, of course, there is always something quirky in her outfit…look at those tights and those silver brogues!

My friends have obviously gone to a lot of trouble with their styling and I am afraid I have taken the easy way out with a very colourful Marc Cain dress which I just happened to see in their shop in Malahide and made me immediately think RAINBOW. And which they kindly allowed me borrow for the post; that is probably cheating and I apologise.

My excuse is that I have been busy being ‘The Good Wife’, (read exhausted wife) looking after GG (and doing all the chores he normally does) who is recovering from hip replacement surgery. But he did manage to take the photos, despite the crutches, down by the marina on one of the three gorgeous days we had in April. The shoes, which are navy (indigo at a push), are from Clarks, my go-to shoe shop.

Hopefully all of our colourful outfits will make you think of sunny days and ice-creams.

Somewhere over the Rainbow….