Welcome to Stylish Mondays’ and this week we are ladies in red! The words of Chris de Burgh came into my head as I was writing this:

‘The lady in red is dancing with me, cheek to cheek
There’s nobody here, it’s just you and me
It’s where I want to be
But I hardly know this beauty by my side
I’ll never forget the way you look tonight’

You would need to have a heart of stone not to be moved by those words.

The colour red has many connotations. We associate it with anger (‘seeing red’) and danger, power and authority (think of someone who always wears a red tie) and also with blood and war, but it is also the colour of passion, love and romance. The emblem of the red heart encapsulates it perfectly; it’s also associated with heart health, with the logo used worldwide.

Today, I am linking up with some of my international blogger friends by dressing in red to celebrate love and Valentine’s Day and to bring awareness of heart health.

Heart Disease Threat

Our friends in America dedicate the entire month of February to heart health and they encourage everyone to wear red on the first Friday of that month to help raise awareness of HEART DISEASE, the number one problem that affects American women.

Of course, heart disease is also one of Ireland’s biggest killers and every day, hundreds of Irish people are diagnosed with it. Every hour, someone in Ireland suffers from a stroke.

We need to look after ourselves, get regular check-ups and to exercise. I used to play tennis, but now walking at a good pace and golf keep me pretty fit. Below you can see the friends with whom I am collaborating this Monday.


Why do some of us love wearing red? It is simple.

Red grabs attention; it makes a statement; it is dramatic. I love red and love how wearing red makes me feel more confident. Below are three of my favourite ‘lady in red’ looks. The red silk dress from LK Bennett was my choice for The Beauty Blog Awards last November.

A red church door in Dublin city was the backdrop for this red coat from Paula’s boutique in Malahide.

And this red top and red striped trousers are from the Punt Roma label in Shaws.

And now to my friends.

Meet  Suzanne www.AskSuzanneBell.com looking beautiful in her red and follow her to see what she wears and also get a glimpse into the homes she sells in the Bay area. Being the nosey kind, I love a peek into these gorgeous properties.

Michele (below) has the perfect top for Healthy Heart Month and is a seasoned thrifted shopper. Follow her on instagram  www.instagram.com/seechele_styles/ to learn her secrets.

You might recognise Andy with the lovely smile whom I featured last week. How beautiful is that red on her. Check out her post  pearlsandpantsuits@gmail.com and follow her for lots of fashion tips

Nancy of Nancy’sFashionStyle is the most positive, upbeat blogger from The Netherlands, who is always trying new looks and trends. You will get lots of inspiration and styling ideas if you follow her.

Julie looks so cute in her ink and red and her heart necklace. And her blog FashionTrendsandFriends is a ‘must follow’.  Julie and her friend Lori do really funny and honest product review videos also.

I have been following Robin from Atlanta for a few years.  You need to check out her beautiful home and she has great recipes, interior advice and so much more on www.helloim50ish.com

Jess Janenga is a warrior, with the most fabulous red hair and you will love her style and her dogs  so check her blog out at www.elegantlydressedandstylish.com

Emma of The Style Splash across the pond in England, goes all-out red nearly head-to-toe with yellow accessories. You might recognise Emma from our Style Not Age monthly collaborations.



Do you like wearing red? Do you associate it with romance, love, passion, authority, power or something more dangerous? Let me know. You can see what ladies linked up with us by clicking on the link below.