Stylish Mondays feature Summer Whites this month. I actually do not have a lot of white in my wardrobe and the whites I have tend to be soft not bright. In fact, I am not even sure that these jeans, which I have for years, are even white. They are more off-white or even cream, if I am honest. But so what, I am allowed to stretch the truth a little.

The lovely floral top is one of my NCBI charity shop finds; I think it was six euros. And the shoes are from a Zara sale last summer.

This month, I am going to introduce you to my friends.

Robin is an interior designer from Atlanta, Georgia and she shares interior advice, fashion and recipes and writes about her travels in her blog

Emma is well known to you from my ‘Style Not Age’ group. From England, Emma, is an animal rights campaigner and shares fashion, travel and beauty tips on her blog

I have featured Nina from Florida before on my blog. Nina loves keeping fit (yoga and ice-skating)and writes about everything and anything, a bit like I do!


Suzanne wears a few hats. She blogs under  but is a wardrobe consultant and a realtor in LA. I love following her and hubby Rick’s tours of the homes they are selling. You need to take a peek; most are out of this world and all out of my price range.

Nicole Molders lives in Alaska. Many of her pics are taken in a snowy landscape and I love reading about her life there. Nicole is an author (How to Dress for Success in Midlife), a scientist and, of course, a blogger. Her blog will give you lots of information and style tips.

Nancy is from The Netherlands and her sense of humour is very obvious in her posts. I particularly love her latest post ‘bloopers’ (the pics that did not make the cut!).


Michele is a seasoned thrift shopper from New Jersey (I need her to teach me a few tips re: second-hand shopping) and you can find her on Instagram

Julie from Illinois blogs with her friends Lori and Cindy at and their videos where they test products are a hoot. In their latest vlog, they discuss how to age well.

Andrea from Louisiana has been featured in my blog before and we discovered that we had quite a lot in common. I love her sunny disposition.

Cindy (you can follow her on instagram )is a Human Resources Manager from Colorado. She does a little modelling on the side (see those legs). Her photos are fun, her style is relaxed and her attitude always positive.


I hope you enjoyed meeting my blogger friends. Click on their links to take you straight to their blogs. Have a lovely  stylish Monday. I am off out for a long walk with my GG  (gorgeous Graham)!