The recent, gorgeous, hot summer weather can have a downside. And I am not talking about the water restrictions.

I am sick and tired of throwing out food that has spoiled. I can’t be the only one that has a problem here. I am talking about fruit; in particular, I am talking about berries, which I love to add to a smoothie.

But unfortunately lovely juicy strawberries and raspberries barely last a day and if not eaten immediately end up in the bin.

And I am fed up also of finding a rotten, mouldy specimen lurking in the middle of what looks to be a perfect punnet. I could post a disgusting photo here, but I think you can all picture it.

But there are options. Frozen fruits are the way to go.

Iceland (the frozen food specialist store) recently sent me some products from their ‘Power of Frozen’ campaign launched by nutritional expert Elsa Jones, author of bestselling book ‘Goodbye Sugar’!

I used the mixed frozen fruits at the bottom of some tasty yogurt pots for the morning of our daughter’s wedding recently and they tasted divine. It meant I could save the fresh fruits for decoration.

Top Facts from Elsa and Iceland include:

  • Freezing is nature’s way of preserving food
  • Eating more frozen food could halve your food waste!
  • Freezing food is a 100% natural process without the need for additional artificial preservatives
  • Freezing can help with the safe storage of food (it can reduce harmful microbes which can cause food poisoning)
  • Freezing technology means you can enjoy all types of food year round…at affordable prices

Of course, I knew most of these (I am a bit of a health nerd) and I always buy frozen fruits out of season and always have frozen peas and spinach in the freezer.

I generally buy fresh fish, but I have to admit that we absolutely loved Iceland Luxury Mediterranean Butterflied Sea Bass Fillets (above) which I served with Iceland Cauliflower Rice, with which I am now totally obsessed. Love it, as it is so quick, easy and nutritious.

I was an Iceland virgin until I visited our nearest store last Christmas and I was surprised by the range of products they carried. You can read about it HERE.

The new products (recently added) include such delights as No Bull Burgers (plant based that look like meat and taste like meat) and Zesty Quinoa, which we have yet to try.

Iceland may be the answer not just during this heatwave, but all year around and with 23 stores in Ireland, there just might be one near you.