‘By Terry’, founded by Terry Gunzburg, the French cosmetic guru behind Touche Eclat (a product that I have never liked), has just recently come across my radar. I had been invited to an evening in Space NK on Grafton Street  Dublin where ‘By Terry’ specialist Lesley Damon was demonstrating some of the products to a small group. And yes, there was prosecco!

When I find a product that I like, I tend to stay loyal to that brand until it no longer serves me well. I am like that with men too! (Still content with GG, though!). I was perfectly happy with my Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder which you can read about here, but I was curious as I had not heard of ‘By Terry’ before. And so curiosity…..

We watched a demonstration of the product, The Light Expert Click Brush, on a beautiful young woman, beautiful before and yes, radiant afterwards. You get the idea; there is a brush on one end and when you click on the opposite end, the product comes through to the brush. It is Click and Apply.  Lesley showed us how to start on the cheeks and then brush outwards to ensure you get good even coverage.

But how would it look on my older, drier and obviously wrinkly face?

I want a foundation that adds radiance and adds a glow to my skin, not a heavy foundation that sits in the creases and wrinkles.

And this product certainly seems to have the ingredients to help with that, as it contains hyaluronic acid, which as we know helps plump up fine lines, and silicone, which gives you a dewy smooth finish. Lesley then took me under her expert hands and gave me the ‘By Terry’ make-over.

I was so happy with my trial make-up that I did purchase the foundation and have been using it every second day or so. It lasts all day and there no touch-ups or re-applications are needed.



There is no wastage; one click certainly covers my face

Perfect for drier, more mature skin

Gives a light natural coverage

Illuminating sheen which helps minimise fine lines

Brush makes it perfect for travelling


It is probably too moisturising for oilier skin

Brush marks can need a little elbow grease to ensure they blend out

There is a slight perfume smell which might irritate some

It is quite expensive at €52

You cannot see how much is left in the container


Would I purchase it again? Probably. Below you can see the results after the make-over. And yes it always looks much better when a professional does it. I can never get the same results at home!