The Quantum Health Analyser sounds like something from a Science Fiction movie or TV series.  In fact, it sounds pretty scary.

And when my physical therapist Andrew Smith of The Willows Clinic offered me a free analysis, I was unsure at first. You will have read about Andrew in my previous post on STRESS!

I was undecided, so interviewed Andrew by asking him questions about this strange Quantum Health Analyser at his clinic in Glasnevin, Dublin (pictured below).

Will it hurt?

No, it is not invasive and requires you to sit and hold a magnetic device in your hand for just 60 seconds while your body is scanned.

How does it work?

It applies advanced electronic equipment to collect the weak magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analysing and determining the tested person’s health status and main problems. Prevention recommendations can be made based on test reports.

What does it test?

Over 30 items are analysed, including:

  • cardiovascular and cerebrovascular condition
  • bone mineral density
  • trace elements
  • blood lead
  • rheumatism
  • lung and respiratory tract
  • nephropathy
  • blood sugar
  • stomach and intestines
  • liver and gall
  • cranial nerves
  • gynaecology
  • prostate
  • bone disease
  • the trace elements of selenium, iron, zinc and calcium, etc.

You can see an example below – green is good and red suggests a problem.

Is it accurate or a little hocus-pocus?

The statistical analysis of health is carried out rigorously by using scientific methods and it is approved by a large number of clinical practices. The accuracy rate of this healthcare product can reach up to 90%. It’s possible to detect symptoms before they become problematic and it’s been used to assess Russian astronauts for over 15 years.

So why should I or anyone have this analysis?

The quantum health analyser can detect health changes before obvious symptoms and signs of disease appear. Early detection will make for early treatment.

What reports can I expect?

You will receive a comprehensive report card about:

1.  The probable hidden problems

2.  The problems of sub-health trends

So, how exactly will this help me?

You will get recommendations on how to improve any problem area. These will relate to diet and lifestyle.


So, reader, I went ahead with the test which only took a few minutes, but going through the results took a bit longer. So, it is about 50 minutes of an appointment.

It showed two hidden problems for me.


I am below the normal range for my age and sex.

Those of you who are regular readers know that I have been concerned with my memory for some time and I have written a blog post about it. So I suppose I was not particularly surprised that this showed up. And we know that prolonged stress, which I wrote about in last week’s post, can also affect memory.


In 2010, I had a DEXA bone scan and it showed that I had borderline osteopenia. I think I am doing about everything I can to help keep it at bay.  I walk, I eat calcium-rich foods and take a magnesium supplement. It’s probably time for another scan.

The test also showed some sub-health trends – here are a few of them:


I thought I drank lots of water.

Well strangely enough, this also came up in my visit to have my eyes checked a week earlier.  So I have upped my water consumption. It is amazing what shows up in an eye test; certainly worth another post.


I had high levels of pesticides. But Andrew said that this was not unusual and that only those who grow their own vegetables on allotments are below the required amounts. Graham’s levels were much lower than mine, which makes sense because I tend to eat far more fruits and vegetables than he does. I do wash them, but I eat a lot of soft fruits.


I know I have problems with  my digestion and though I eat well, I wonder if I absorb the nutrients from my food. So I need to eat more slowly, chewing thoroughly and I was given recommendations on the foods that would help with this issue.


I also am slightly allergic to hair dye, unluckily for me as I dye my hair (Graham is not and he doesn’t!) I will try to increase the length between visits.


My levels were too high, so reduction in screen time and attachment to my mobile phone was recommended.

I am already addressing it, but now I am more aware of the levels of toxicity and electro-magnetic radiation in my body. I have moved the phone out of the bedroom and am cutting down on social media time.


I am actually very impressed with the report.  I have made a few lifestyle changes e.g. drinking more water, less screen time, washing my vegetables and fruit in vinegar and water.

I think you can use it as another tool to stay on top of your health.

By the way, Graham also paid a visit to Andrew and despite his heart BLIP last year, his report came back with fewer issues.  TYPICAL!

So, Science or Science Fiction? Well, anything good enough for Russian astronauts is good enough for me.

Contact The Willows Clinic (087 194 3707) if you wish to make an appointment. Andrew has offered a special price for my readers of €70 (normally €95).

As always thank you for reading and commenting. And I was bowled over by the response to my last post on stress. I really appreciate your feedback.