“Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink”, Coleridge wrote in ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.

We all know that water is essential for good health.  In fact, it is the single most important substance in relation to our health. Sixty percent of the human body is made up of water, depending on how hydrated or dehydrated we are. The Ancient Mariner’s problem was salt water; ours is that the water coming straight to our taps is full of chemicals and toxins that are not good for our health.

So, if we drink water that is loaded with man-made chemicals and heavy metals every day, it is going to influence our health and well-being. Those of you who are regular readers know that I have been experiencing some health issues at the moment, one of them being dehydration, even though I drink plenty of water. So perhaps the problem lies with the quality of the water I am drinking.

Why get a Water Filtration System?

We have had a couple of rather basic systems over the years and the last one (below) hadn’t been replaced for some time, so was probably doing more harm than good.

Our drinking water in Malahide has a horrible chlorine taste, which I can even taste in tea. There are obviously numerous other hidden nasties as well; we all know that there are more chemicals now in the water supply than ever before, because local water utilities add toxic chemicals to treat water instead of filtering and purifying it.

We knew that domestic filtration systems had improved in leaps and bounds since we last got ours and it was while researching for a replacement that we came across Renewell.

What is The Renewell Water Filtration System?

Renewell is an Irish-owned company with the slogan ‘Buy the Filter, Don’t be the Filter’. I love it.

They use a sophisticated filtration system called Reverse Osmosis, which takes your water back to pure H2O no matter what state it is in. This is done simply by squeezing it through small pores 1000 times smaller than a strand of hair.

Our new system

We went for the Renewell Elite 1 (above), an ultra slimline 5-stage reverse osmosis purifier and the most compact and effective purifier on the market today. The water passes through 5 individual filters before it reaches the separate counter-top faucet.

It is guaranteed to remove Fluoride, THMS, Chlorine, Aluminium, Lead, Bacteria, E-Coli, Chloroforms, Iron, Manganese, Plastic Microfibres, Trace Medications and much more.

It has an in-built microcomputer to let you know when your system needs to be serviced, has a blockage or has any other problem.

 Some of the Benefits of Filtered Water

  • A better standard of health for you and your family
  • Lubrication of body joints, leading to better mobility
  • Aiding muscle tone & flexibility
  • Alleviation of fatigue to liver, kidneys & heart
  • Speeding recovery from illness

Not only does filtered water lead to physical improvements, it also reduces costs both in terms of healthcare and other expenses, such as:

  • Saving money on buying bottled water
  • Reducing your medical services
  • No more taste of bleach (Chlorine)
  • Tea & Coffee tastes much better

If you have a major limescale problem, softened water gives significant improvement in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne and others, while also avoiding expenditure on descaling products.


The company was exceptional in its communication with us.  Our main person of contact was Paul and he was more than helpful.  Once we had decided to go ahead with the purchase, we were contacted regarding dates and times. Stephen the fitter/installation expert phoned us on the way to say he would be a little late. The installation took only about 40 mins and as we had a separate tap faucet already, there was no drilling. Everything was explained in detail and all our questions answered.  The company will contact us yearly to remind us it is time for a service.

We were also taken by the company’s wonderful play on words – ReNEWELL for the founder Simon NEWELL and RENEWAL for renewing our bodies with pure water!

Well worth visiting their website for more details and costs and perhaps even phoning to see if they have any special offers.


We are thrilled with our new system, our water tastes crisp and refreshing and we know that we are being proactive in regard to our health.

I now enjoy drinking my water straight from the tap or with added lemon.

There is no need to buy expensive bottled water.

There is no need to descale our kettle (GG’s job every month).

And did I mention the tea? I absolutely love my morning cuppa. Now it is scum-free and divine.

This is an investment; when it comes to our health, we are convinced it is money well spent.

The company has offered a special promotional price for all my readers if you wish to purchase, quoting the promotional code 44658529.

You can contact Paul by email on paul@renewellwater.com or the company by phone (042-9420517).