Some of my most popular posts last year were in the category ‘Rants and Random Thoughts’!

Many of you sympathised with me when I wrote about how to stay married for 35 years without killing your husband. I told you what worked for us (well, for me) and I was delighted with the response. You can check it out HERE if you missed it.

But then hubby, aka GG, decided that he had the right of reply. I agreed to it, thinking that he would extol my virtues and declare to the internet world what a lucky man he was. Far from it. He exaggerated my few failings and painted me as a nag HERE.

He had previously written about being an Instagram husband and the plaudits he received for that had given him a taste for this blogging business. He plays the downtrodden put-upon male very cleverly; the hen-pecked husband role is hammed up until many of our friends and acquaintances believe I am married to a ‘feckin’ saint.

Don’t be fooled. He worked in PR for years and knows how to spin a good story! You can read HERE  how he copes with my demands, if you missed it first time around.

When I wrote about motherhood today (HERE), I touched a nerve and many mothers who have raised their children and now want to return to the workforce told me about the difficulties. I hope to have a guest blogger, who is in that scenario, write on this issue in the future. Below you can see broadcaster Sarah McInerney and author/presenter Maia Dunphy pictured at the launch of a report that addresses various problems facing today’s mothers.

I am going to continue with my Rants and Random Thoughts in 2018 and I hope you will get involved and comment if you want to add your thoughts. Also, I would appreciate it if you would share my posts or tell your friends about overthehilda if you like what you read. You do not have to be on FB, but can add your email to the list of subscribers and get the posts delivered straight to your inbox.

And yes there will be lots more ranting in 2018!

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