When Elaine at Bespoke Beauty offered me a complimentary Yumi  Lash Lift, I was a little unsure. I do not have great eyelashes I told her. They are not in great condition. In fact, I have some bald patches sometimes. Why do eyelashes fall from the same area at the same time? But I was

The Grand Canal

While staying at Dublin’s Merrion Hotel (by the way that special offer I mentioned in my post is now finished….sorry) Graham and I pretended we were tourists and enjoyed exploring Dublin. So here is a little snapshot of where we went and who we met. JAMES JOYCE It was Bloomsday when we were there and

The Merrion Hotel Courtyard

GG and I spent a night in The Merrion a few weeks ago and it was heaven. We were actually supposed to go after Christmas, but then we had another lockdown! We have been starved of pampering because of Covid and at this stage of our lives we do enjoy a bit of luxury now

Malahide Castle

Hello, my friends. ‘Style Not Age’ is back with a picnic theme this month. What would you wear to a picnic? This prompt came from Gail of ‘Is this Mutton’. Do you go on picnics? I used to as a child. I would gather my sisters and take them off to a nearby field that

I have given in. Finally, I am taking Statins to help lower my cholesterol. Since menopause, my cholesterol has been elevated. But now it has gone through the roof! Fifteen years ago, my then doctor tried to put me on statins. I resisted. But since giving up tennis (because of back-related problems), it has risen

Blue Kimono

HOW THE SKY AND SEA INSPIRE ME When I think of the sky, I picture the colour blue. Some fluffy white clouds float by. Another favourite would be sunset or sunrise with yellow, red and orange colours dominating. Similarly with the sea, I prefer the blues of sunny days rather than the greys of stormy

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream

Of course, I was aware of Kiehl’s Skincare products, but I never used any of them until a few months ago. I was sent some as part of a press drop.  And YES, I am impressed. HISTORY OF KIEHL’S SKINCARE Kiehl’s is an American skincare company which was created by an apothecary/pharmacist in 1851 in

TGA and the brain

I promised a follow-up post on my experience of having an episode of Transient Global Amnesia. Thank you to all those people who commented on the post and to the other twelve who sent me personal  emails. One of my readers also told me of a support group on Facebook so of course I asked

Spring Sweaters

Another month nearly over. And we have the perfect prompt of ‘Spring Sweaters’ from Anna for our ‘Style Not Age’ feature this month. There may have been a lot of sunshine but there is still a chilly wind most days. While I have ditched the heavy winter coats, I still need to keep warm. No

Maybelline Mascaras

A press drop of iconic Maybelline mascaras brightened up a blustery day in March. It is 50 years since the launch of Maybelline’s iconic Great Lash mascara. I am always on the hunt for an incredible mascara.  This is particularly difficult the older I get as the lashes become more brittle. Well everything does, I

I am a big fan of shopping in boutiques because I love the personal service you get there. Department Stores are great but they do lack the personal touch. Nothing beats a boutique, where the owner has personally chosen her stock. I shop a lot in Malahide and have written before about some of my