Sea walk

Happy New Year. I have been so lacking in energy, mojo, initiative (call it what you like..) to actually get up off my butt and write a post. Well, I suppose I would have to sit down to write it. But you know what I mean. Anyway, I think I have got my act together.

What will you be wearing on New Year’s Eve? Well my ‘Style Not Age’ friends are here to help. The theme set by Jacqui this month is the perfect LBD.  Will you be partying the night away or having a quiet dinner with friends? In the current climate, it is more likely that you will


Skincare is personal…yes, but I want to share with you some of my favourites over the past few years. FACIALS BESPOKE BEAUTY, DONNYBROOK When I can, I love having an in-salon facial or treatment.  For those of you in Dublin, I can highly recommend Elaine Butler Doolin of Bespoke Beauty in Donnybrook. I have regular

Green velvet jacket

Normally at this stage of the year I would have had plenty of opportunities to wear my festive finery. Christmas season would be in full swing. But unfortunately, with Covid numbers being so high in Ireland, all of my Christmas lunches, dinners and afternoon teas have been cancelled. And that was before the latest variant

Portugal sunset

A few weeks ago, at the beginning of November, we spent a lovely week with friends in Quinta Do Lago in the Portuguese Algarve.  Lisbon is the only other part of Portugal that we have visited and we absolutely loved the city. This time we were staying in the Fairways Four Seasons Resort just twenty

World Osteoporosis Day

Bone Health has been in the news recently because of World Osteoporosis Day. I am aware of it for many reasons: 1 Following a diagnosis of osteopenia in 2016, I decided to do some research and educate myself. 2 I followed that up by writing a blog post about how to look after our bone

Spain boats

Skin Cancer, Spain and Fake Tan sound like odd bedfellows. Well, you are right. I just threw them together in a post. But there is a tenuous connection. Because I was going to Spain, I tried yet another false tan. And a few days after I returned, I was having my cancerous lesion removed. SPAIN

Cosy Coats overthehilda

Well, the days are darker and temperatures have fallen, so it is time to get our cosy coats out. When socialising changed with the start of Covid, my friends and I met for coffee outside. We have continued to do that, so a warm puffa/padded coat is a necessity. Coats are my one weakness! Do


‘BOOKS GIVE A SOUL TO THE UNIVERSE, WINGS TO THE MIND, FLIGHT TO THE IMAGINATION AND LIFE TO EVERYTHING’ – PLATO Books have the power to take you to other worlds, other times.  Recently, I have been to the court of King Henry VIII, to Poland during World War 2 and to The Russian Court

Center Parcs

I decided to do a more general chat this week, an ‘All Kinds of Everything’ kind of post. I tend to post on the blog once a week, but am more active on Instagram stories. So, I want to fill in my readers who are not on social media. Well, what have I been up

Helen McAlinden and Hilda Smith

Some feeling of normality returned last week when I attended my first fashion show in nearly two years. Helen McAlinden’s collection was showcased beautifully in Harvey’s the restaurant in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre. I had some photos on my Instagram stories last week. But one of my followers (whom I bumped into recently