I am a big fan of shopping in boutiques because I love the personal service you get there. Department Stores are great but they do lack the personal touch. Nothing beats a boutique, where the owner has personally chosen her stock. I shop a lot in Malahide and have written before about some of my

‘Borrowed from The Boys’ is Emma’s prompt for this month’s ‘Style Not Age’ group. It is true that we have adopted many items of men’s clothing as our own, over the years. Trousers are the most obvious item, I suppose. POTTED HISTORY OF PANTS When you look back at women’s fashion through the centuries it

Call My Agent

Thank goodness for the telly and particularly Netflix. We watched three wonderful series recently which will keep you entertained during the time that we still have to spend in LOCKDOWN. And you know there is only so much walking, yoga and reading that a person can do. And I am not into baking! So here

This post was one of my early posts  7 years ago, so I thought I would republish it, as I had some additional information. I still drink this every morning. But, now I use a straw to drink it on the advice of my dentist Dr Sarah Flannery at Seapoint Clinic. I had some wonderful

Ambulance Emergency

Have you heard of Transient Global Amnesia? Well, last Friday I had an episode of Transient Global Amnesia, or TGA as it is more commonly known. It lasted  approximately two hours. And it obviously terrified me and frightened my family. But I do not remember any of it. WHAT HAPPENED? Graham tells the story… Friday

Faux leather jacket

Faux Leather is the theme of my ‘Style Not Age’ group this month.  I have some faux leather in my wardrobe, my most loved being my Spanx suit (below) which you have seen before. But for this month’s challenge I decided to bring out my much-loved faux leather biker-style jacket (below), bought a few years

I have read some really interesting books recently. Lockdown has given me the opportunity to read more than usual, as golf courses are closed and my social life is severely limited. We are staying at home like most people. This month, I have reviewed some books that reflect life during certain historical periods. The first

Graham and Hilda 1994

THE BEGINNING Graham and I started our journey in love on Valentine’s Day 40 years ago. It all began on a hockey tour with our club Lorraine H.C. which was based in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. Both of us were single since the previous December and we had already been flirting a bit in the clubhouse

Gin has had very bad press for years because it was considered to be a drink that made you sad or depressed, or maudlin. Now there’s a word that has gone out of use! I never found it so and, in fact, when I started drinking Gin in my early twenties, I found that it

Loungewear has obviously become much more popular since the pandemic. Why? Because we are spending more time in our houses. Many are working from home and so the more formal work dressing has gone by the wayside. CASUAL WEAR It is true that casual dressing had been creeping into the workplace anyway. It started with

Reading books

‘Reading gives us some place to go when we stay where we are.’ Reading has been an escape from the pandemic, where I can lose myself in other worlds. I have not read as much since I was at college. When I was teaching and raising a family, I was mostly too tired to read