Cosy Coats overthehilda

Well, the days are darker and temperatures have fallen, so it is time to get our cosy coats out. When socialising changed with the start of Covid, my friends and I met for coffee outside. We have continued to do that, so a warm puffa/padded coat is a necessity. Coats are my one weakness! Do

‘BOOKS GIVE A SOUL TO THE UNIVERSE, WINGS TO THE MIND, FLIGHT TO THE IMAGINATION AND LIFE TO EVERYTHING’ – PLATO Books have the power to take you to other worlds, other times.  Recently, I have been to the court of King Henry VIII, to Poland during World War 2 and to The Russian Court

Center Parcs

I decided to do a more general chat this week, an ‘All Kinds of Everything’ kind of post. I tend to post on the blog once a week, but am more active on Instagram stories. So, I want to fill in my readers who are not on social media. Well, what have I been up

Helen McAlinden and Hilda Smith

Some feeling of normality returned last week when I attended my first fashion show in nearly two years. Helen McAlinden’s collection was showcased beautifully in Harvey’s the restaurant in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre. I had some photos on my Instagram stories last week. But one of my followers (whom I bumped into recently

Graham and I had a very pleasant visit to Baltinglass last month. Why go to Baltinglass you may well ask? What has Baltinglass to offer? Well, Jean Kelly Massage and Holistic Therapist offered Graham and me some complimentary treatments. Jean has joined other members of her family in offering holistic treatments. Her father and her

Hello everyone. It is all about statement sleeves with my friends at ‘Style Not Age’. I searched my wardrobe and found nothing of interest there. There were no statement sleeves that impressed me. So, I had to go shopping. And I found this lovely shirt from ‘Studio 124‘ in Malahide with fabulous full sleeves and


It is time to share some of the books I have read and loved recently.  In the last year I have become addicted to audible books. A really good narrator can make such a difference. Sometimes I listen when I am walking, other times when I am tidying up or cooking; tasks that do not

Menopause Speakers

Hello everyone. In my post this week, I am delighted to be able to share with you that The Menopause Success Summit, in partnership with Cleanmarine will be taking place virtually on Saturday September 25th 2021. I first wrote about THE MENOPAUSE in the early days of the blog way back in 2016. It was

Nicky Halliday A practical Guide to Healthy Eating

Nutrition therapist and  natural chef Nicky Halliday’s first book ‘A Practical Guide to Cooking for Health’ is more than a book full of delicious recipes. Yes, the recipes are delicious. And easy too. But let me start by telling you a little about the author. NICKY HALLIDAY Nicky has explored different careers. But her interest

July Jacket

July Jackets, chosen by Jacqui, makes for a good alliterative opening to this month’s ‘Style Not Age’ prompt. Is it because I am in my mid-sixties that I feel that time is flying by? Or is it because it feels we are stuck on PAUSE at the moment, waiting for life to get back to 


When Elaine at Bespoke Beauty offered me a complimentary Yumi  Lash Lift, I was a little unsure. I do not have great eyelashes I told her. They are not in great condition. In fact, I have some bald patches sometimes. Why do eyelashes fall from the same area at the same time? But I was