Castleknock Hotel Highly Recommended for Covid Times and Any Time

GG and I spent a night recently (gifted) at Castleknock Hotel in Porterstown, near Castleknock, Dublin. WELCOME A few days before our visit we received an email in which the procedures/guidelines in place for safety

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 Ella & Jo Cosmetics – Affordable and Effective Irish Products

ELLA & JO ‘LIMITED EDITION’ ORANGE BLOSSOM HYALURONIC  SKIN MIST Do you use a facial mist? It has been a necessary addition to my beauty routine for years, particularly so as my skin ages.  I

‘Style Not Age’ Share FROW Outfits

This month, we are having a little fun and imagining what we would wear if we were invited to sit at the front row (FROW) at any of the designer shows at London Fashion Week.

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How to Fix Broken, Chipped, Worn Teeth and Improve your Smile

'Teeth are always in style'. Dr. Seuss I have been smiling without showing my teeth recently (see below) because I have not been particularly happy with their condition. My top front teeth had become weakened

Golf break at Tulfarris Hotel, Wicklow Ireland

Golf with my friends has kept me sane during these turbulent times. I play regularly in my club at Malahide in Dublin. Though I took up the game in my late 50s, I can play

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Our Signature Colour is ‘Style Not Age’ July’s Theme

This month, I have asked my 'Style Not Age' friends to each choose their Signature Colour. This is their 'go to' colour, the colour that they are drawn to when they open their wardrobe or

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Choosing the Correct Cleanser for your Skin

A cleanser is often seen as the least important part of one’s skincare regime. Sure, any old product will do is what I hear from many people of all ages. What you clean your face

Check Me Out With Style Not Age

This month, my friends and I in 'Style Not Age' are featuring anything and everything check. I love check and have featured many looks over the past few years. You may remember these trousers from

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Books to Enthral, Delight and Educate

I am sharing with you my favourite books that I have read so far this year. When it comes to books, I read pretty much anything except Science Fiction. And I don’t really like anything

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Lumity takes a Scientific Approach to Supplements

When Lumity reached out to me and asked me if I would like to try their supplements, I accepted. I had done my homework and knew that they were popular with many celebrities, that they

‘Style Not Age’ roar Welcome to The Jungle

Our Style Not Age ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ prompt for May comes from Emma (Style Splash) and gave us plenty of scope. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know

Upstyling or Revamping your Wardrobe With The Zip Yard

Upstyling is the buzz word of the moment, as is sustainable fashion. They go hand in hand, I suppose. Some people are very good at upstyling. I was not one of them, but I have

My Brows are Back with ‘Unbelieva Brow’ by L’Oreal

My Brows are Back with 'Unbelieva Brow'  by L'Oreal (well temporarily back). Lockdown has played havoc with my brows. Usually I get them dyed and then all I have to fill them in with a

Comfy Casuals for Staying Home with ‘Style Not Age’

Since I retired from teaching, I have more comfy casuals in my wardrobe than ever before. In winter, it means jeans and a top/jumper worn with boots. In summer, it is more likely to be

Must Watch Series on Netflix During Covid 19

Now is the time while in isolation/cocooning/quarantine/lockdown to watch some excellent series on Netflix that you might have missed in the past.  If you are not into watching telly, I posted plenty of other recommendations

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How to Survive while Self-Isolating or in Lockdown during Covoid 19

When we look back on 2020 (the year of the coronavirus now known as Covoid 19), the words of the year will be self-isolating, physical distancing and lockdown. In Ireland, our Taoiseach (that's Prime Minister