Jacqui chose our ‘Style Not Age’ theme of ‘Dreamy Dresses’ for June! Perfect, I thought, I will have had plenty of opportunity to wear my summer dresses and take lots of photos. But, in reality, summer (and therefore dreamy dresses) has been a bit of a non-event until this weekend. While in Derry/Londonderry last week,


Have you had a HydraFacial?  I had attended an information event at South William Clinic a few weeks earlier, so was excited to head to their clinic in Clontarf for my first. WHAT IS A HYDRAFACIAL? A HydraFacial is an award-winning multi-step facial treatment from America, performed using the handheld wand of a proprietary machine.

Gail chose this month’s theme French Girl Style.  What is French Girl Style 2024? Well, it depends on what magazine or which blog you read? But I think we can all agree that it is effortless, yet sophisticated. The French girl/woman is chic. What they all have in common is a strong sense of personal


The Dublin to Pisa flight with Aer Lingus on our Travel Department Holiday to Tuscany was pain-free and on time. We were met in Pisa by our guide Claudia and were in our hotel by 11 am on day 1. Our first impressions of Tuscany were that it looked very much like Ireland. Its terrain

Are you aware that one in five people will develop at least one skin cancer in their lifetime? Do you get regular skin cancer checks? Have you a dermatologist? GG and I go to Australian Dr Steve Karagiannis (a.k.a The Skin Doctor) at SkinCheck in Bayside Medical Centre. For some reason, we missed our yearly

Max Mara Weekend

Hello, my friends. It was my turn to pick the theme for our ‘Style Not Age’ gang and I chose ‘April Showers’. Well, let’s face it, we have had more than our fair share of wet weather here in Ireland. A new trench coat has been a priority for me for a while. I have

Whistles jumpsuit

I love going on holiday but I dislike airports. Remember when travel used to be fun, but now airports are so stressful, particularly until you get through security. And then there is the packing. I nearly always get it wrong, returning home with half of the clothes never seeing the light of day. But last

Homage to Iris Apfel overthehilda

This month, we at ‘Style Not Age’ pay homage to the style icon, Iris Apfel. This legendary lady died last month aged 102. You can check out our post two years ago on this amazing woman HERE. IRIS APFEL’S STYLE Iris Apfel was not an advocate of minimalism. I have her book ‘Iris Apfel Accidental

Bons Secours Hospital

Yes, I had a CT Coronary Heart Scan, also known as a CT Angiography or CAC scan. There are so many different names for it that I found it quite confusing. Why did I need one, I hear you ask? Well, here is the background. BACK STORY I have had high cholesterol since I started


‘Put a bow on it’ was Emma’s choice this month. So that is what we did. I seldom wear this red top (years old from H&M) so decided it deserved an airing. These wide-leg trousers (Paul Costelloe) are also years old and I wish I had them in a few different colours. The fit is

Today’s post is about self-love. It may be Valentine’s Day tomorrow and I am all for LOVE of others, and having a loving partner to support you is wonderful, but not everyone has that. I am one of the lucky ones. The pic below was taken a few months ago when we stayed in a

Ovarian cancer survivor

How do you react when you are told that you have Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer? Dee Flannelly was understandably devastated. She was shocked because she had symptoms, but had not been aware that they MIGHT be signs of Ovarian Cancer. So now she is making it her mission to increase women’s awareness of the possible

Hello, my friends. The girls at ‘Style Not Age’ are on Red Alert. Maybe Jacqui was thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day, when she gave us this prompt. Red is one of my favourite colours, so I was happy. In fact, I had two outfits with me on our recent stay at The Rabbit Hotel and

Happy New Year and welcome to my first post of 2024. A special welcome to new subscribers; I hope you will find something of interest in my posts. So here is my review of 2023, loosely titled ‘Health and Holidays’. Well, they begin with the same letter and it is important for your health that

Fraxel before and after close up

Have you heard of Fraxel Laser? I am blown away by my results following just one treatment at RIVER MEDICAL Dublin. The photos below (taken just 10 days apart) tell the story. There is still some pigmentation that has come to the surface in the second photo, which continued to flake off in the following

Happy Christmas Day, my friends! The gang at ‘Style Not Age’ decided to stick to our schedule of posting on the last Monday of the month. Hence a post on Christmas Day. I am writing this on Christmas Eve, so it will be short and sweet. December is for dressing up is Gail’s prompt for


Florida USA was our destination for a long-awaited holiday in November with good friends…four of us flew out for three days in Miami South Beach before linking up with two other friends in Key West for another ten. MIAMI SOUTH BEACH After a 3-hour delay leaving Dublin Airport, we endured another 2 hours waiting for


As I write this, I am in Key West, Florida, where Autumn/Fall does not happen. The sun is shining, it is 28 degrees and the last thing on my mind is Autumn. But, by the time you read this, I will be back in Ireland and it will be a lot cooler! I thought of

Have you heard of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?  Neither had I until I was invited to Amber Oxygen in Northern Cross in Dublin to try out their new oxygen chamber.  It might sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but it’s a medical treatment making waves in healthcare. What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy/HBOT?

Well, October was a busy month! I still have not got back to golf since I broke my finger. The weather has been too wet and the course has been closed quite a bit. My finger is not back to normal yet and yes, I am doing my exercises. Plus we have been busy. You

Finn Lough Bubble Dome

Finn Lough is a luxury, magical hideaway on Lower Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, half an hour’s drive beyond Enniskillen. And if there is a more relaxing place on earth, I have not found it, yet.  From the moment you arrive in Finn Lough, you feel you are in another world. Firstly, the welcome is

Jeans and Jewels

Anna chose ‘Jeans and Jewels’ as our prompt for October. How can it be the end of October already? There is nothing new in my outfit. I chose my favourite jeans of the moment from Studio 124, bought several months ago, but I think they have been re-stocked. The jumper and bag are several years

Piran Slovenia

Before we went there with Travel Department, I knew very little about Slovenia except that it was part of the former Yugoslavia (it was one of the first to declare independence 32 years ago). Yes, I had heard it was a beautiful country and was fast becoming a popular holiday destination. It lived up to


September was a very important month in our house. Here are the highlights. GG TURNED 70 IN SEPTEMBER We spent a lot of the month celebrating Graham’s 70th birthday. Boy, does he know how to milk it! Celebrations started at the beginning of the month and only finished last weekend. Let me put it on


I recently had an online consultation with The Dr Laura Clinic in Galway. It got me thinking! How do we choose skincare? I used to be swayed by words like new, innovative and, of course, anti-ageing. But, now, I like to think that I am more informed. I want my skin to be healthy and,