Ambulance Emergency

Have you heard of Transient Global Amnesia? Well, last Friday I had an episode of Transient Global Amnesia, or TGA as it is more commonly known. It lasted  approximately two hours. And it obviously terrified me and frightened my family. But I do not remember any of it. WHAT HAPPENED? Graham tells the story… Friday

Faux leather jacket

Faux Leather is the theme of my ‘Style Not Age’ group this month.  I have some faux leather in my wardrobe, my most loved being my Spanx suit (below) which you have seen before. But for this month’s challenge I decided to bring out my much-loved faux leather biker-style jacket (below), bought a few years

I have read some really interesting books recently. Lockdown has given me the opportunity to read more than usual, as golf courses are closed and my social life is severely limited. We are staying at home like most people. This month, I have reviewed some books that reflect life during certain historical periods. The first

Graham and Hilda 1994

THE BEGINNING Graham and I started our journey in love on Valentine’s Day 40 years ago. It all began on a hockey tour with our club Lorraine H.C. which was based in Dublin’s Phoenix Park. Both of us were single since the previous December and we had already been flirting a bit in the clubhouse

Gin has had very bad press for years because it was considered to be a drink that made you sad or depressed, or maudlin. Now there’s a word that has gone out of use! I never found it so and, in fact, when I started drinking Gin in my early twenties, I found that it

Loungewear has obviously become much more popular since the pandemic. Why? Because we are spending more time in our houses. Many are working from home and so the more formal work dressing has gone by the wayside. CASUAL WEAR It is true that casual dressing had been creeping into the workplace anyway. It started with

Reading books

‘Reading gives us some place to go when we stay where we are.’ Reading has been an escape from the pandemic, where I can lose myself in other worlds. I have not read as much since I was at college. When I was teaching and raising a family, I was mostly too tired to read


We have watched a lot of telly recently. Yes, we did binge watch much of what I recommend. My memory is not what it used to be and I prefer not having to wait a year to watch the next series.  And there is some seriously good viewing out there. I know many of you

Malahide Estuary

Goodbye 2020 I believe that most of us (probably everyone) are happy to see the back end of 2020. Personally, it has not been all bad as we welcomed our third grandson on my birthday on December 9th. And we managed to get through the various restrictions including the FIRST LOCKDOWN without too much difficulty.

Primark green coat

Our ‘Style Not Age’ collective shows what we wear when we are ‘out and about’. In my case, I have been living in casual clothes. I presume most of you have too.  In Dublin (Ireland), we have been in and out of various levels of restrictions since last March. We had a brief reprieve for

Now, more than ever, we need to make sure that we have strong immune systems. There has been plenty of evidence to suggest that supplementation with Vitamin C and Vitamin D has an impact on keeping us healthy and in fighting Covid-19.  Regular readers know that I have been championing Vitamin D for years. Check

Skinician Skin Products

I have been using some new products from an Irish brand SKINICIAN for the past few weeks. The products were gifted and specifically chosen for my ageing skin. As my regular readers know, I like to try a new brand for at least a month before I write a review. Sometimes I do not make

This post was first published in 2017 and again last year,but there has been a lot of discussion about Vitamin D and the role it could play in helping fight the Covid-19 virus recently, so I have decided to give it another airing. I have provided more up-to-date links. In researching this post, I have

GOTHIC ROMANCE Emma’s theme of Gothic Romance is perfect for Halloween Week. I am more of a Romantic than a Goth in my style but I did enjoy the challenge. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I chose a local graveyard for my backdrop, within my 5k radius in a really beautiful

Malahide Castle

I feel blessed to live in Malahide with its abundance of natural amenities, one of the most outstanding being Malahide Castle and Gardens. I tend to walk along the coast most days or around Paddy’s Hill if I want a climb. But I always head to the ‘Castle’ when the coast is too raw and

ZOE AND ME Last week, I had the opportunity to test-drive the all-electric New Renault Zoe. I know I am no Rosemary Smith (one of the brand ambassadors) so I was pretty chuffed when Renault asked me if I would like to put it through its paces. Those who know me know that I prefer

We have had so few occasions to get dressed up in the last 6 months. My summer dresses were particularly neglected and I spent most of my time in more casual and leisure clothes. Social occasions were mainly outdoor barbecues. And with Irish weather being so unpredictable, I always went for trousers and layers and

GG and I spent a night recently (gifted) at Castleknock Hotel in Porterstown, near Castleknock, Dublin. WELCOME A few days before our visit we received an email in which the procedures/guidelines in place for safety were explained and laid out. From the moment we entered the large and airy foyer at Castleknock Hotel, we felt

ELLA & JO ‘LIMITED EDITION’ ORANGE BLOSSOM HYALURONIC  SKIN MIST Do you use a facial mist? It has been a necessary addition to my beauty routine for years, particularly so as my skin ages.  I use it to prep before make-up and to refresh my skin.  When I was sent a bottle of Ella &

This month, we are having a little fun and imagining what we would wear if we were invited to sit at the front row (FROW) at any of the designer shows at London Fashion Week. The pandemic has obviously changed how it will look and I believe 90% of London Fashion Week in September will

‘Teeth are always in style’. Dr. Seuss I have been smiling without showing my teeth recently (see below) because I have not been particularly happy with their condition. My top front teeth had become weakened and worn down, the edges were rough and the enamel was damaged. They had also lost length. Seemingly, this is

Golf with my friends has kept me sane during these turbulent times. I play regularly in my club at Malahide in Dublin. Though I took up the game in my late 50s, I can play to a level where I enjoy it without getting too frustrated now. I wrote about my initial struggles in a

This month, I have asked my ‘Style Not Age’ friends to each choose their Signature Colour. This is their ‘go to’ colour, the colour that they are drawn to when they open their wardrobe or go into a shop.  I head straight for red, orange and yellow (more mustard really) as I am obsessed with

A cleanser is often seen as the least important part of one’s skincare regime. Sure, any old product will do is what I hear from many people of all ages. What you clean your face with is the basis of a good skincare regime. In fact, using the wrong cleanser can damage your skin’s barrier

Zara check trousers

This month, my friends and I in ‘Style Not Age’ are featuring anything and everything check. I love check and have featured many looks over the past few years. You may remember these trousers from Punt Roma, exclusive to Shaws Department Stores. They have got a lot of wear because they are so comfortable.  The