Rain coat

‘What, this old thing? Oh, I have that for years’. I know that I, for one, have used that phrase on many an occasion. Sometimes it is used to hide a new purchase. Other times it just rolls off my tongue if I receive a compliment. Gail chose this month’s ‘Style Not Age’ theme and

The colourful Iris Apfel, who reached a milestone 100 years last August, is our inspiration for this month’s ‘Style Not Age’. It was my turn to choose and her collaboration with H&M launches today. So I thought it would be fun to take our inspiration from this style icon. WHO IS IRIS APFEL? Even if

Scarlet Skin Tightening treatment

I recently visited Nicola O’Byrne at The Skin Nurse Clinic for a Scarlet RF Treatment. Nicola is passionate about the work she does and has worked within Dermatology medical clinics since 2001, latterly at The Beacon. A founding member and former chairperson of DANAI ​ (Dermatology Aesthetics Nurses Association Ireland – www.danai.ie ) she acts as


The Brows are back in town.  Got my new PhiBrows at The Dublin Makeup Academy. And I am HAPPY OUT. My eyebrows were (until I had my Phibrows done) a total disaster. Years of overplucking (why, oh why, did I do it?), menopause, ageing, stress, you name it all played havoc with my brows. I

Peelo Handbag

Choosing your favourite handbag is like saying you have a favourite child. So, there will be no ‘handbags at dawn’ here! I love them all! I love a crossbody if I am shopping. I like a clutch for a dressier event, though I do have a clutch with a strap which I also use for

Tiger print bag Marc Cain

Tomorrow, the 1st of February 2022, is the beginning of the Chinese New Year and will usher in the Year of the Tiger. So, Emma chose ‘The Eye of the Tiger’ as her theme for our ‘Style Not Age’ group. THE YEAR OF THE TIGER The Year of the Tiger is the third of 12

Sea walk

Happy New Year. I have been so lacking in energy, mojo, initiative (call it what you like..) to actually get up off my butt and write a post. Well, I suppose I would have to sit down to write it. But you know what I mean. Anyway, I think I have got my act together.

Cosy Coats overthehilda

Well, the days are darker and temperatures have fallen, so it is time to get our cosy coats out. When socialising changed with the start of Covid, my friends and I met for coffee outside. We have continued to do that, so a warm puffa/padded coat is a necessity. Coats are my one weakness! Do

Over The Hilda

Anna chose ‘Pretty in Pink’ as our Style Not Age theme this month and I struggled a little as I have very little pink in my wardrobe. I do love this pink coat that I have had for years. Is it powder pink or blush pink, or insipid pink? The label is Bastyan and I

Center Parcs

I decided to do a more general chat this week, an ‘All Kinds of Everything’ kind of post. I tend to post on the blog once a week, but am more active on Instagram stories. So, I want to fill in my readers who are not on social media. Well, what have I been up

Helen McAlinden and Hilda Smith

Some feeling of normality returned last week when I attended my first fashion show in nearly two years. Helen McAlinden’s collection was showcased beautifully in Harvey’s the restaurant in Harvey Nichols in Dundrum Town Centre. I had some photos on my Instagram stories last week. But one of my followers (whom I bumped into recently