As I write this, I am in Key West, Florida, where Autumn/Fall does not happen. The sun is shining, it is 28 degrees and the last thing on my mind is Autumn. But, by the time you read this, I will be back in Ireland and it will be a lot cooler! I thought of

Well, October was a busy month! I still have not got back to golf since I broke my finger. The weather has been too wet and the course has been closed quite a bit. My finger is not back to normal yet and yes, I am doing my exercises. Plus we have been busy. You

Jeans and Jewels

Anna chose ‘Jeans and Jewels’ as our prompt for October. How can it be the end of October already? There is nothing new in my outfit. I chose my favourite jeans of the moment from Studio 124, bought several months ago, but I think they have been re-stocked. The jumper and bag are several years


I recently had an online consultation with The Dr Laura Clinic in Galway. It got me thinking! How do we choose skincare? I used to be swayed by words like new, innovative and, of course, anti-ageing. But, now, I like to think that I am more informed. I want my skin to be healthy and,

Power Dressing

Power Dressing is this month’s theme in ‘Style Not Age’. WHAT IS POWER DRESSING? Initially, when power dressing was a new trend, back in the ’80s, women wore suits to make an impression in the workplace. They dressed more like men to show they were every bit as capable of climbing the corporate ladder.  But

Crushing Crochet is our ‘Style Not Age’ theme for August. Unfortunately, instead of crushing crochet, I tripped a week ago and crushed my fingers and fractured a bone or two. But it could have been a lot worse. I might have broken a wrist or some teeth. And teeth are expensive to fix! So, I


Well, July you were rubbish. However, I must admit that I will take the rain rather than the horrifically high temperatures that many endured around Europe. Also, we did escape the rain when we went to a wedding in Dubrovnik, where the weather was fabulous. Finally, got a post up on Saturday about it. STYLE


 Hello Friends, We are just back from attending a wonderful wedding in Dubrovnik.  I will share some pics with you in my next post. You will be blown away. But for now it is time to share my Beauty Spotlight Friends recommendations this month. I shared my review of Emface the Non Surgical Face Liftwith

It was my turn to choose the theme for this month’s ‘Style Not Age’. And I have jumpsuits on the brain. So a little bit of alliteration to make it ‘Jumpsuit June’, which I thought would make it easy for us all. Jumpsuits are having a moment, aren’t they? But they are not always easy

Emface action

I have been road-testing the new Emface.  You might have seen it all over social media. It has just landed in Ireland and is being hailed as a non-surgical facelift. BTL AESTHETICS I was excited to try it as it comes from BTL Aesthetics, the same company who brought us Emsella, which I found highly

Whistles dress

Anna chose this month’s theme of  ‘Frilled to Bits’ and that is exactly what we are, now that summer seems to be here at last. I am doubly excited because it has coincided with the delivery of the dress (below) which perfectly fits the challenge. When asked to contribute to a feature on fashion in