Layered Lux

In the last few days there has been a dip in temperature, particularly in the evenings. So, Gail’s prompt for September was perfect. ‘Layered Lux’ fitted in perfectly with last Saturday night, out with friends. We would be walking home, so I definitely would need a coat for the first time this Autumn. Below, you


Hello my friends. Can you believe we are nearly half way through September? We had a wonderful June and July in Ireland. Graham and I spent a few days in Cabu in Cavan with family and then a weekend in Center Parks with friends. Totally different experiences; both fabulous. I will write about them at

Powerscourt Hotel

‘Style Not Age’ time again and this month the prompt is ‘Maxi Madness’. It was my turn to choose and I must admit I was keen to showcase a rather colourful mad maxi-skirt that I bought in a local boutique Studio 124. I wore it on our anniversary when we spent a night in The

Beauty Spotlight Team

Hi everyone. Can you believe it is August already? It is true that time goes faster the older I get. We are enjoying warm weather for the past month in Ireland, but we are not thankfully experiencing extremely high temperatures like other countries. Life is busy, but busy is good. Right? There is definitely no

Summer Sizzlers

Well, the sun finally appeared and Anna chose Summer Sizzlers as her prompt for July’s ‘Style Not Age’. In Ireland, we have not seen the mad temperatures of the UK, but have had lovely warm days in the early 20s. I tend to cover up in the sun. And this sizzling orange linen shirt has


Hi everyone. It is Beauty Spotlight time again and my friends have lots of goodies to share. GG and I have returned from our Danube Cruise and I will be telling you all about it in my next post. Meanwhile Angie at Your True Self Blog loves to come up with outfit ideas to share

I decided to focus on orange, as you can see. Orange in all its hues is absolutely one of my favourite colours and I love its vibrancy. It makes me think of sunshine and sunflowers. Combining the energy of red and the vibrancy of yellow, it is a positive and uplifting colour associated with energy

Beauty Spotlight Team

MY WEEK Hello everyone. We have not really had anything more than a taste of summer in Ireland. But I remain hopeful that some consistent warm and sunny weather is on the way. Meanwhile, I take pleasure in playing some golf, meeting up with friends and doting on my grandchildren. It is important that we

Style Not Age

My birthstone is turquoise, though I also have the rare and expensive tanzanite as a second option. I was doing a little research and here is what I found. ‘Reminiscent of the sky and sea, turquoise is a potent protective stone that can get rid of negativity and represent self-realisation, inner calmness, creativity, stability and

Rain coat

‘What, this old thing? Oh, I have that for years’. I know that I, for one, have used that phrase on many an occasion. Sometimes it is used to hide a new purchase. Other times it just rolls off my tongue if I receive a compliment. Gail chose this month’s ‘Style Not Age’ theme and

The colourful Iris Apfel, who reached a milestone 100 years last August, is our inspiration for this month’s ‘Style Not Age’. It was my turn to choose and her collaboration with H&M launches today. So I thought it would be fun to take our inspiration from this style icon. WHO IS IRIS APFEL? Even if