Primark green coat

Our ‘Style Not Age’ collective shows what we wear when we are ‘out and about’. In my case, I have been living in casual clothes. I presume most of you have too.  In Dublin (Ireland), we have been in and out of various levels of restrictions since last March. We had a brief reprieve for

GOTHIC ROMANCE Emma’s theme of Gothic Romance is perfect for Halloween Week. I am more of a Romantic than a Goth in my style but I did enjoy the challenge. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone. I chose a local graveyard for my backdrop, within my 5k radius in a really beautiful

We have had so few occasions to get dressed up in the last 6 months. My summer dresses were particularly neglected and I spent most of my time in more casual and leisure clothes. Social occasions were mainly outdoor barbecues. And with Irish weather being so unpredictable, I always went for trousers and layers and

This month, we are having a little fun and imagining what we would wear if we were invited to sit at the front row (FROW) at any of the designer shows at London Fashion Week. The pandemic has obviously changed how it will look and I believe 90% of London Fashion Week in September will

‘Teeth are always in style’. Dr. Seuss I have been smiling without showing my teeth recently (see below) because I have not been particularly happy with their condition. My top front teeth had become weakened and worn down, the edges were rough and the enamel was damaged. They had also lost length. Seemingly, this is

This month, I have asked my ‘Style Not Age’ friends to each choose their Signature Colour. This is their ‘go to’ colour, the colour that they are drawn to when they open their wardrobe or go into a shop.  I head straight for red, orange and yellow (more mustard really) as I am obsessed with

Zara check trousers

This month, my friends and I in ‘Style Not Age’ are featuring anything and everything check. I love check and have featured many looks over the past few years. You may remember these trousers from Punt Roma, exclusive to Shaws Department Stores. They have got a lot of wear because they are so comfortable.  The

Our Style Not Age ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ prompt for May comes from Emma (Style Splash) and gave us plenty of scope. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I am addicted to animal print. The leopard, cheetah, tiger and even zebra prints are prominent in my wardrobe.

Hilda upstyled Zara combo

Upstyling is the buzz word of the moment, as is sustainable fashion. They go hand in hand, I suppose. Some people are very good at upstyling. I was not one of them, but I have been converted. The stylist daughter Courtney (you can follow her on Instagram @courtneysmithstyle) is an avid upstyler. From a young

Unbelieva Brow

My Brows are Back with ‘Unbelieva Brow’  by L’Oreal (well temporarily back). Lockdown has played havoc with my brows. Usually I get them dyed and then all I have to fill them in with a pencil. And my go-to pencil is Charlotte Tilbury. I like many of Charlotte’s products. But they have been gradually disappearing in

Since I retired from teaching, I have more comfy casuals in my wardrobe than ever before. In winter, it means jeans and a top/jumper worn with boots. In summer, it is more likely to be a top and light trousers or skirt. VERY CASUAL EVERYDAY LOOK DURING LOCKDOWN For the first few weeks of lockdown,