GG is always moaning about the state of my handbag. Generally speaking, I love big, roomy bags into which I can throw everything except the kitchen sink. I am a disaster, because firstly I can never find anything in the bloody bag and my phone, probably my most precious possession (after my family, of course), is somewhere at the bottom, invisible among the clutter.

So, when Radley gifted me a bag from their collection, boy was I happy. I had been perusing their site before and I already knew the exact bag I wanted.  It was the ‘Primrose Hill’ multi-compartment, multiway grab bag. I am determined to be more organised and anyway the larger bag, always full to the brim, is not good for my dodgy back and shoulders.

One feature which caught my eye was the rather striking magnetic D-strap fastening which gives this classic, iconic brand a modern twist. There are three pockets; the middle one has a zip fastening, good for minding the purse and cards and thankfully there is a separate place for my phone. Many of my bags do not have a big enough pocket for my Samsung, hence why it is often to be found (with difficulty) at the bottom!

I finally decided on the black leather, though the mulberry and tan were equally attractive.

I did some research on the Radley name, famous for the cute Scottish terrier logo, and was amazed to discover that founder Lowell Harder actually started out in a stall in London’s Camden Street in 1984 and built it from there into the leading brand it is today. In the intervening 30-plus years, it has become  associated with quality, style and craftsmanship.

The Radley bag is built to last and leather, as we all know, only becomes more beautiful with age. So when you purchase a bag from a luxury brand such as Radley, you may pay more, but you get more too.  There are always bargains to be had so keep an eye out for reduced prices. You can check out all their bags and their prices online here


By removing the long straps, it transformed into a different bag entirely, when I went out with two of my friends for a birthday lunch.

Faux leather trousers are my downfall and  these are Biba (last year) bought in House of Fraser and I have a white shirt from Marks and Spencer (this season) and the cape/poncho is a recent purchase from The Kooples in Kildare Village.

Going out for dinner with my darling GG over the weekend meant the bag got another outing, this time paired with a Boss dress.

I know this bag will not only add panache, style and luxury to my outfit posts, but it will also please my husband because it will be the bag that organises me. And that, dear readers, is no small matter…

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