These Van Dal boots are made for walking! Those of you who follow my blog might be aware that I have foot issues,  (not a foot fetish) so I find it difficult enough to find comfortable, yet stylish and attractive boots.

I have several pairs of FABULOUS boots which I am only able to wear from car to bar…and seeing as I don’t visit too many bars theses days, they don’t get out much.

But these Van Dal beauties have made it into Dublin city and walked a couple of miles (with me in them obviously) and have gone to lunch and dinner too. Below, I have paired them with my F&F pleated skirt and jumper and with a Zara jumper on another occasion.

Yes, they have a busy social life and I only have them a few weeks, while others languish forlornly in my wardrobe.

Why? Well, isn’t it obvious. They are so comfortable; I can walk  for hours without that horrible burning underfoot, because of the amazing underfoot cushioning. And did I mention there is room for my bunions and my ganglion? Yes, a next-door neighbour to my bunion, this ganglion is squatting and despite numerous attempts to evict it, will not go. (But that beast will be the subject of another post).

And anyway, my new Van Dal leather beauties have made me oblivious to it. Happy feet mean a Happy Hilda!

Van Dal kindly gifted me these boots, which I eventually decided, on following a long browse through their collections.

The style I chose is called ‘Mercer’ and I went for the tan colour, but, it comes in four other colours including a gorgeous dark green.

But what really sold me, apart from a nice manageable block heel, was the attention to detail. The beautiful tan leather front is combined with a contrast suede back panel, buckle detail and subtle studs at the heel. It is easy to see the details in the photos below. I am wearing the boots with my TK Maxx leopard print coat and Primark/Penneys scarf. And maybe you have seen these Carraig Donn athleisure pants in my Instagram. posts and stories when I did a collaboration with Marshes Shopping Centre.


So these Van-Dals (sounds like a Dutch Master) will be seeing a lot of action this season, because they are very versatile They will be kicking butt and marching on and walking tall.

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Thank you for reading.