I have always been very lazy about my make-up. When I was younger, I wore very little and even then probably only when I was going out at night. I remember my mother-in- law’s horrified face one day when I arrived around to her home with none on and she exclaimed, “I wouldn’t come downstairs without my make-up, never mind leave the house!” She was a former air hostess, so she was always very well groomed and glamorous.

However, the older I got the more interested I became and realised how good products and cleverly applied make-up can enhance your appearance and help you look a better version of yourself!

Over the years, I have probably tried nearly every range from Rimmel to Chanel. When it comes to foundation, I have never been one for heavy coverage (I’m lucky in that I have pretty good skin) and in recent years I have tried the new BB creams with some success. I wear La Roche Posay tinted moisturiser with sunscreen during the day if out playing sport and something else in the evening. But I have never been totally happy with any one product. I suppose I’m a bit of a make-up whore, if the truth be told.

However, I think I’m finally ready to settle down. I have found “THE ONE”. I have been wearing Charlotte (we’re on first name terms since I met her last week at Brown Thomas) for nearly a year now and I LOVE her! The Charlotte Tilbury range is something to get excited about.Hilda and Charlotte

I don’t like foundation that is heavy, because it accentuates my lines and wrinkles and therefore makes me look older. I have (like many of you, I am sure) been persuaded by sales assistants to purchase stuff that looks totally wrong when I apply it myself. Then I discovered Charlotte Tilbury.

I have two favourites. Wonderglow (49 euro) does exactly what it promises and can be used on its own or under foundation as a primer or over like a blusher. It gives my skin a luminous sheen with its light diffusing qualities. An added bonus is that it includes collagen-boosting peptides and seals in moisture.hwthumb

And I love Light Wonder (42 euro), her youth boosting (how good does that sound) perfect skin foundation. According to Charlotte, it is the “holy grail” of foundation which sounds like a huge exaggeration, a phrase dreamed up by the marketing department. But it really is good. Also worth noting is that it has an SPF 15. There is also a huge variety of shades from which to choose.Charlotte-Tilbury-Light-Wonder-Youth-boosting-Perfect-Skin-Foundation

The formula is extremely moisturising and my dry skin feels dewy and hydrated. It would probably be too much for oily skin, but it’s perfect for me. Together with Wonderglow applied as a primer, my skin looks luminous and more youthful. And as for applying the foundation, Charlotte recommends that you start in the middle of your face and work outwards and she has no objection to using your fingers. I never did get the hang of using a foundation brush.Foundation

Perhaps I have found the holy grail of make-up after all. In Ireland, only Brown Thomas stocks it, but of course you can order online from www.charlottetilbury.com

More to come soon on my best beauty buys.