One of the benefits and delights of blogging is the online connections you make with other bloggers.  I am delighted to introduce Andrea Lyons Schwartz. Her friends call her Andy! Andy describes herself as a ‘small town girl’ from Louisiana USA. Below is the view of a sunset from her back yard!
We have been following each other for about a year now and are both members of a small group ‘ Life And Style Bloggers Over 50’ who get together once a month or so on a fun theme. And today is ‘Introduce a Friend’ day!  I have come to know her well because of our interaction over this past year.
We have a lot in common: we both love wine, chocolate and good coffee, a good basis for friendship, I think. Oh! and we share a passion for animal print. Also we are married to our men for nearly 37 years and we reckon that we are over-sharers.
Andy blogs under Pearls and Pantsuits and you can also find her on instagram under the same handle. If you click on the links below it should bring you straight to her posts.
What is your background?
I’m a small town (USA) southern girl. My husband and I have been married for almost 37 years, have two amazing grown children and three beautiful grands. My work as an executive secretary for our local school board is fulfilling, though challenging, but I truly enjoy working and LOVE my job! My greatest joys in life are my family and my very diverse groups of friends.
Why do you blog?
My blog is a fun way to share a piece of my heart with other women. I started  my blog several years ago “just for fun” and let it go by the wayside for a few years. After my mom died, I was left with all these feelings about life, and aging, and midlife and losing loved ones, and kids growing up, and wrinkles, and aging – in essence, I had a whopper of a midlife crisis. I was in a new place with a new job and was undergoing the stress of losing my parents. I searched fashion magazines and also online (because I love the internet etc.) for outfit ideas for work, for skin care tips, for makeup tips etc. and was dismayed by the lack of representation of ANY women my age. I mean seriously. ..I searched for articles about losing parents and dealing with dementia and again felt a bit under-represented, because everything I found was so impersonal. Then I started digging into Instagram and started finding ladies like me. Finally! There you are! (waving at you fabulous mid-life instagrammers) I found women who inspired others with their fabulous style, their diet and lifestyle coaching, their words of wisdom and encouragement. And that inspired me to start blogging again.
What is your blogging focus?
 I dip into a little bit of everything, food, fashion, lifestyle, and ramblings about life and midlife. And I dedicate the blog to my Mom, because her life and her passing spurred me on to (hopefully) inspire other women. I’m a working girl, so most of my fashion posts are work-wear oriented and for girls who don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on clothing and accessories.
What is your daily style?
Mostly work-wear such as trousers, cute tops and shoes. I want women who work to get away from the stuffy work uniform that’s so easy to slip into. You know – a top, pants and a blazer and sensible shoes. I want to show gals they can jazz it up a bit! I don’t wear dresses or skirts often. I’m on a shopping diet this year, so my focus will be to share outfits created from my own wardrobe, while making strategic, inexpensive purchases to embellish what I already have hanging in my closet. I want women to know that they can still look stylish without breaking the bank! Like you I can’t wear heels, never could actually, but I love the look. But I stick to lower wedges, boots and booties.
Where do you shop?

I use Stitch Fix – a subscription styling service, and share those reveals each month on the blog. I also shop Chico’s, TJMaxx, Old Navy and several local boutiques. But like I said, that’s not going to be my focus this year. I’ll be shopping my closet! 

 Stitch Fix Reveal



Have you any clothing and fashion issues?
I’m not skinny! I’m pear shaped with small shoulders and curvy hips and thighs.. Some styles just do not look good on my body, and I have to adjust accordingly. I share some of those tricks I’ve learned through the years in my blog posts. I’m a huge fan of column dressing and camouflage! 
What or who inspires you?
Resilient women of any age who push through the ‘stuff’ that life seems to throw at them and continue to shine. Women who are strong enough to know who they are and just be themselves. As a Christian, I’m also inspired by women who love the Lord and show that love by their actions and deeds (not just words). 
Do follow Andy on Instagram  @pearlsandpantsuits and on her blog and check out Stitch Fix. It is an interesting concept and one I have not heard of before.