It is the first Monday of the month and I am back with my 5-over-50 blogger friends for our latest challenge ‘Hat Attack’.  I returned to Anthony Peto, Dublin, for my hat. You may remember the wonderful ‘chapeau’ I wore to The Dublin Horse Show.

 Well, I never had a more beautiful or comfortable hat, so once again I visited their shop on Anne St. Dublin. As always, you can expect excellent customer service from the lovely Petra. Nothing is too much trouble and she believes that the search for the right hat should be an enjoyable experience and must not be rushed.

I love hats, but have always found it difficult to find one that fits, is comfortable to wear and looks good: that was until I found Anthony Peto.  All of the hats are hand-made in Paris (where he opened his first shop) and come in different sizes, because heads do not come in standard sizes, believe it or not! I think you will be surprised by the prices, when you consider the quality. Fashioned from felt, furs, tweeds, linen, or straw, your ideal hat can be made for you, if you do not find what you are looking for in the shop.

Having measured my head and checking what she had in stock, Petra helped me try on about six hats and eventually I chose my favourite: the Capone style in a giraffe print. You may think it is pricey at €200, but I have spent that and more on hats that do not fit, are uncomfortable, wreck my hair and end up living in the attic, waiting for the day my head shrinks!

The clothes are all from Paula’s, which has moved to a lovely, new premises on Strand Street, Malahide. The easy-to-wear red coat from German label Backstage (€219) is weightless but warm. And here is the first outing of these tuxedo-style pants (priced at €149) from Dutch label Summum, elasticated at the waist and at the bottom of the legs, which I think, according to the fashion industry makes them ‘athleisure’.

I swear it is like wearing your comfiest pair of tracksuit bottoms. I admit that I did not think that I would like them as much as I do.  I thought it was one of those trends that I as a mature woman should avoid. Paula threw on a Summum scarf with flower detail to add a bit of interest over my black shirt.

Check out the entire look below.


Here’s another one I had considered. What do you think of the dramatic blue with the feather? Too much for wandering around Dublin on an Autumn afternoon? Probably.

So, I had fun finding the perfect hat; let’s see how my fellow bloggers coped for the ‘Hat Attack’ challenge.

Below you can see Anna’s quirky take. Her hat came from a charity shop and cost all of £3. Anna is an expert at finding bargains in pre-loved pieces and likes nothing better than rummaging through second-hand shops.  Matching her clothes to the painting is an interesting concept. I love reading about her life in The Scilly Isles. Hop over to her page and read more on annasisland.

Jacqui borrowed her floppy hat.  Clashing prints work perfectly with the deep plummy hat and that rusty old gate is the perfect backdrop.  See more at Mummabstylish

Laurie claims hats do not suit her and was dreading the challenge. That vivid orange jumpsuit is topped off perfectly with a jaunty little number. See what else she has to say about it over on Vanity and Me.

And Gail, whose challenge this was, chooses a deep wine/plum hat, perfectly matching an incredible velvet jacket. And what about those fabulous red accessories?  Check out her post and see where she purchased them at Is This Mutton.

Someone famous said that you need an attitude to wear a hat. But I believe that wearing a hat gives you attitude. It is a bit like putting on a costume in a play; it helps you to get into character.

And at the very least your hat will be a conversation piece.