Our ‘Style not Age’ collaboration features the jumpsuit with Anna choosing the theme ‘My Jumpsuit Joy’ this month and we have four very different styles to showcase.  My all-in-one outfit below is just like a dress, but better in fact, because it has an effortlessly cool vibe. You automatically feel younger, hipper, cooler. You just throw it on, add your accessories and you are good to go.

Did you know the jumpsuit was first designed as a one-piece garment with sleeves and legs to be used by parachuters nearly a hundred years ago and, having been worn as workwear and uniforms, has progressed from its unglamorous origins to being a staple in the wardrobe of the modern woman.

Singers such as Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury made the white jumpsuit their own in the ‘70s and it made its way back into the fashion arena, if it ever really went away.

I had several in the ’80s including a khaki green one with a utilitarian vibe and a bright blue one, both of which zipped up the front. I obviously had far more sense then.

Why? Because, I purchased another jumpsuit for a friend’s wedding two and a half years ago. I loved how it flowed like a dress at the back. I felt elegant and modern and cool. How I pitied those other ladies in their sensible unhip dresses.

That was until I needed to use the bathroom!

GG got pretty fed-up of standing outside the ladies’ room to unzip and re-zip several times during the course of the day. By the evening, I was asking random guests in the cloakroom to do the honours. I have only worn it once since. Anyone interested?

Anyway, I am still drawn to the JUMPSUIT because I love easy dressing. Plus, if you go for a long leg, you can forget about hosiery; neither do you need to worry about tanning your legs, or worry about the socks’ marks from walking and golfing.

So even before Anna (annasislandstyle) selected her challenge, I had my jumpsuit and have worn it already. Bought in Coast in House of Fraser, Dundrum, while I was searching for my MOB outfit, it ticks all the boxes. I love the wide legs (the bum looks good too), the top part is interesting with its strap on one side and overlay on the other and, as the back is low, the zip is easy to reach.


So, there will be no hanging outside loos with my legs crossed waiting for someone to unzip me. Praise be! So you can bet I am ‘Jumping for Joy’.

It was not inexpensive, but there was 25% discount when I bought it and the sales are probably on, or about to start.

Anna, (annasislandstyle), as always brings her own quirky style to each challenge. Check out the giraffes.

Jacqui goes all tropical print in hers. Loving the shorter leg length, which makes it look quite like a dress. You will have to pop over to her blog mummabstylish to read more about it.

And Emma  thestylesplash is in an elegant black, ’70s-style, adding a pop of colour with her red accessories. And look at those bell sleeves.

Looking forward to reading whether my friends have bathroom issues with their jumpsuits!