It is ‘March Madness’ with The Style Not Age Collective and I decided that there is nothing ‘MADDER’ than a theme party. I did mention in my Sunshine Blogger post that there is nothing I like more than a fancy-dress party and we have had some fun over the years throwing and attending them.


Even better than a fancy-dress party is a ‘Murder Mystery Evening’ and our friends Sara and Billy hosted a 70s’ disco-themed one recently. This fitted perfectly into my March Madness challenge. Well you have to be a bit mad, with no inhibitions to dress up and act out a part.

The concept is simple. You are invited to play the part of one of the participants, in this case ‘Murder at the Disco’.


You are given suggestions as to what you should wear, what your character is like and how you might behave accordingly. For instance, I was ‘Poppy Grinder’, a disco-dancing hippy in colourful mini, patterned headband and pouty lips!  I found it impossible to find a real 70s’ dress and I did not want to buy a costume, but I found this dress for €15 in Zara. That will do the job, I thought. The rest I had in the dressing-up box. Yes, we have one of those.

Graham (below) was ‘Tony Revolta’ in a white 3-piece suit and black shirt, medallion over the chest and quiff.

We are two of 12 characters at a New York ‘Disco 54’ where nightclub owner Doctor Disco is found dead in the VIP Lounge. One of the 12 is guilty but whodunit? Between courses of the meal accompanying the Mystery, everyone asks questions of the others and there are clues to be picked up if you are concentrating. As you can see from the pics below, our hosts went all out, with the disco lights to create the perfect ambience.


Good food and wine can muddle the brain cells, mind you, so when we were each asked to nominate the guilty party at the end, only two (one being Graham and one other who was not drinking) got it right!


The food was appropriately 70s’ style. Hand-around vol-au-vents, cocktail sausages, pate and melba toast and pineapple and cheese hedgehogs kept us satiated as we practised our New York accents and got into our parts.

Sara had a wonderful chilli con carne with potatoes and an incredible 70s’ layered salad for the main course and guess what we had for dessert!

Yes, Black Forest Gateau, Mandarin Pavlova and Profiteroles.

However, the wines were definitely not the sweet German wines of the 70s! We had to draw the line somewhere.

Have you taken part in a Murder Mystery?


Luckily, my blogger friends are always up for a challenge, so let us see how they interpreted  ‘March Madness’.

Anna’s motto is “Let’s bin the beige and have fun with colour”. Yes, she hates beige, but worked hard to create a look that was not boring. So this was a huge challenge for Anna as she does MAD every day! And I think she looks fabulous, even if she does not look like herself. If you have been following our challenges, you normally see Anna in VIBRANT COLOURS! Hop over to her blog and learn about her difficulty with this one.

Jacqui has pushed herself outside her comfort zone by wearing clothes she would never normally choose. I love that tee-shirt.  And that skirt is MAD. Check out her blog to find out more.

For me, the highlight of Emma‘s gorgeous outfit are those incredibly MAD  shoes. They are from Irregular Choices. You will have to head over to hers to learn more. But I think they have muppets on them. I love the bag and sunnies too.

It is hard to believe that we are nearly at the end of March. I thought when I retired that I would have more time to relax, but I seem to be busier than ever. If you like my posts, I would love you to spread the word and if you are on Facebook or Instagram you can follow me there too. I share plenty of interesting ‘stuff’ on those platforms, including competitions.

Have a lovely week.

Hilda xx