Review of Nordgreen Infinity Watch

I used to wear a watch.  In fact, Graham gave me a watch 38 years ago on our first Christmas as boyfriend and girlfriend. My friends teased me that this was a sure sign that he would propose. He did: two months later, on St Valentine’s Day!  I still have that watch, but it does not work any longer.

Usually when I need to check the time, I search for my mobile phone in the bottom of my bag. And that is the problem, most of the time I can’t find it easily. For months, I have been dropping hints about how I need a new watch. GG needs lots of hints you see.

So when Nordgreen asked me if I would like to choose a watch from their collection, I took my time in replying. Since I started my blog I have been gifted watches on two occasions, but have not taken the companies up on their kind offers. Why? Because they were not my style.

But I was immediately taken with the Nordgreen aesthetic. In fact, I have a penchant for all things Scandi (well, I try to avoid Danish pastries!). My favourite raincoat is from Ilse Jacobsen and I also shop frequently in Selected Femme.

So I felt that we were an excellent fit.



Founded by two lifelong friends from Denmark, ‘Nord’ represents their Nordic identity while ‘green’ captures their emphasis on sustainability. Their aim is to create an affordable yet quality brand, all the time remembering their values of sustainability and giving back.


Nordgreen watches are designed by award-winning Jacob Wagner of Bang & Olufsen fame. His brief was to create  simple, minimalistic, timeless, elegant yet functional timepieces, capturing the different elements of the Danish lifestyle.

There are 3 different watch faces from which to choose:

  • Infinity
  • Native
  • Philosopher

There is a mix-and-match element too as you can select from silver, rose gold and gold.

I found it difficult to choose, but eventually went for the simplicity and clean lines of the Infinity with a gold mesh strap. There is also the option of buying extra straps so that you can match it to your outfit. But for me, the warm gold is perfect with absolutely everything. It is contemporary yet classic. All Infinity watches are available in 32mm and 40mm sizes.


What is unique about this brand is that a percentage of each purchase price goes to support a social project. But what is brilliant is that you, the purchaser, gets to choose the charity that means most to you.

For example, if you buy a watch, your purchase will help one of the charities below:

  • WATER FOR GOOD gives clean water for two months to one person in the Central African Republic
  • COOL EARTH helps preserve rain forests in Latin America
  • PRATHAM UK gives two months’ education to a child in India

Each watch has an individual serial number, so when your purchase arrives you choose your cause online and track the progress of your contribution.


Check out the full Nordgreen collection HERE.

If you wish to purchase for yourself or for a present for a loved one,  the woman or man in your life perhaps, then you can use the code HILDA15 at the checkout. Remember that not only are you buying a distinctive timepiece, but that you are also doing good. You and Nordgreen are giving back.

As I publish this post, December has just begun and we go into full Christmas mode. November has sped by; the highlights being a trip to Morocco and a family gathering for my Mum’s 80th .

My new watch from Nordgreen won’t hold back time but it will help me keep track of it and appreciate every minute. I will enjoy wearing my timepiece from ‘wonderful wonderful Copenhagen’!

My mobile phone can stay in my bag when I need to know the time.

Must go now.

‘Tempus Fugit’ and all that.

My watch is gifted but as always I give you my honest opinion.