It was Marilyn Monroe who said “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world”. I reckon she meant boots because the stylist daughter Courtney has again collaborated with Shoe Lab with a second boot collection that is already conquering the world just 24 hours after the launch, with online sales as far afield as New York, Hong Kong and Los Angeles.

PAGE in Marino €158

The new Spring/Summer 2017 Courtney Smith X Shoe Lab boot collection is now available in Buffalo Exchequer Street and Arnotts, Henry Street, Dublin, Ireland and online at

I am so proud when I look at what she has created. You see Courtney was always a bit of a rebel. While the first born, the mother of  our darling Logan was no angel, at least she conformed most of the time! But Courtney was non-conformist from the get-go. I divulged some secrets when I wrote about her first collaboration with Buffalo. so here are some more. In 6th class, aged 11, she REFUSED to wear the proper regulation black shoes to school and instead ‘rocked up’ in brown Doc Martens. Yes, I had been persuaded to buy them! I can only imagine that the headmaster, the lovely Trevor Richmond, decided he was fighting a losing battle too and gave in.

Aged 15 she was ‘papped’ wearing over-the-knee faux-fur topped white boots and her unique street style made it into the Evening Herald. How I wish I could find that photo. She probably was the only girl in school (again aged 15 ) with a pair of leather trousers with the numbers 03 on the back pocket.  Yes, she could have been known as  ‘Real Wild  Child’.  But she did have a ‘Lust For Life’. You are probably wondering about my parenting skills at this stage. I am beginning to question them myself as I write this!

And her love of The Rolling Stones, Fleetwood Mac etc. began in the back of our car when we would listen and sing along to the CDs. Of course, she and her sister spent evenings listening to the music we played at dinner parties too and GG danced around the kitchen with both of them in his arms to the beat of Led Zeppelin, The Eagles and other Rock ‘n’ Roll greats regularly.

While the first collection, also inspired by rock ‘n roll greats, was classic, this new selection is much more adventurous and more GLAM ROCK in concept and execution. But they not only look glamorous, they are also wearable. Those of you who know Buffalo know they use beautiful leathers and that the manufacturing is to the highest quality, all of which add to the comfort. OK, I am showing my age!

When I asked Courtney about her decision to launch a Spring/Summer Collection, she said that not everyone wants to wear sandals or pumps in those two seasons and that boots are more comfortable, practical and stylish.

BOLAN in Dollaro crop €158

Ankle boots go with practically everything, she says, and wearing boots with dresses has been very much part of the rock boho look, especially by celebrity style icons on the LA and NY scene, for years now, as well as at music festivals around the globe.

And so to Collection 2. Those of you who missed out on the ‘Suzi Qs’ first time around can now purchase in a two-tone green made of suede and leather pictured below and also in silver and black. I have two pairs – in rose gold and black – from the first collection and love them.

Blog SUZI Q in Militar crop €165


But if you are more adventurous and more rock-chick, you have plenty from which to choose.

The ‘Nicks’ come in a beautiful, metallic leather in a colour called Hipster and feature lace-ups.

NICKS in Hipster €168

Or perhaps you might fancy the striking  metallic-blue, front-zipped ‘Stardusts’ named after the legendary Bowie.

STARDUST in Vulcano crop €158

The more daring who want a high-heeled, stand-out, very luxurious dressy boot will head for the ‘Richards’ (yes, very Keith) in a fabulous boa snake-skin. These metallics will take you anywhere and give you “satisfaction” even into the next season. Sorry, could not help myself!

RICHARDS in Boa b €168

The promotional shots for the collection were fittingly shot in a music studio and all styled with clothes from Courtney’s own wardrobe, modelled by her and beautifully photographed by Evan Doherty.

Together with Audrey Murray, Shoe Labs’ head designer, Courtney has again rocked the boot world with the Rock Luxe Collection. You can view the full collection here.  Yes there are more and they are all inspired by music legends. Check out  the Jetts  inspired by Joan Jett, the Bolans and the Iggys. All the boots are reasonably priced between €155 and €168.

So if you want to get a bit of the ‘rock chick’ vibe, go get yourself a new pair of ankle boots. You too can rock ‘n’ roll. I know which ones I will be buying. I can still rock with the best.

Iggy in Star Gold crop €155

BLACKHEARTS in Jett €155